Christmas in October…..

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Today Prince Charming and I have been married for 2 months.  2 whole months.  Can you believe it?  I can’t.  Someday’s it doesn’t even feel like we’re married and other days I swear we’ve been married for 50 years.  I guess that’s what you get though 🙂

I swear the last couple days I have been in a funk and I’m not sure why… maybe it’s the weather change.  I would rather be warm/hot than cold.  I hate being cold b/c I have the hardest time finally warming up.  But one good thing to come from this time of the year is the holidays, Thanksgiving (U.S.) and Christmas!  I love those times of the year and really the time between the two holidays.  It’s great because I get to see some family more often than not, my family takes a yearly vacation that I hope is still on this year (so far so good but who knows right this minute….), the people, the atmosphere, the smells (oh the smells!) and so much more!

Sunday we got an early Christmas present.  It was an accident we got it but let me back up and give you some story leading up to the Christmas present.

We had Tbug this past weekend.  Saturday morning PC and I woke up and started cleaning on our house.  There’s still a lot to be put away from the move in before Christmas because we are having it at our house this year :).  I’m excited.  Anyway getting off subject…. we definitely wanted to get the living room cleaned up, the kitchen, and the MIL room put back together, cleaned out both vehicles (so I’m working on another 101), all that fun stuff.  By about noon Tbug and the rest of us were going a little stir crazy so we decided to head in to town and get lunch and maybe look for a third pumpkin to carve.

We wound up at Lowes.  I’ve been wanting a new kitchen faucet but in my opinion, they are ridiculously priced and I’m not ready to shell out the money yet.  Not $150+ for a pretty one.  I’m cheap not easy 🙂  That’s my motto.

So after I day dreamed about my new kitchen faucet we wandered over to my dream refrigerator

Then we wandered over and dreamed about my new washer and dryer.

so then we looked at cabinets and counter tops.  Yes we were killing time so we didn’t have to go home and clean more… LOL.  So our next stop was around to the small appliances: coffee makers, deep fryers, etc.  When we got to the end of the aisle I went left and PC went right so I turned around to see what he was up to and that’s when we spotted it.  A lovely front load dryer with a bright yellow sticker on it.  We walked over to see what was up with it and finally got a worker to come talk to us about it.  It was a close out that was last year’s model and it was a showroom model.  Hmmmm… the price was right and they said if we’d take it, we could have the pedastool it was on… those things are $199.99… for free!  I looked at PC, he looked at me, and we grinned.  I told him I had the money to buy it and it would help cut down on our electricity bill… maybe we should buy it.  So…….

You are looking at our gorgeous new dryer.

But you might be saying, wait… Where does the Christmas present fall in?

Never fear, I won’t leave you hanging 🙂

So Sunday we were headed to my parents house to go celebrate PC’s birthday and I was texting my aunt about our recent purchase.  She has the front loading Washer & Dryer and loved them so I was like Wow, just Wow.  She laughed at me.  Then she asked if they had a washer.  I was like No :(.  She said well if they would have, I’d have bought that for you for Christmas.  Well we were like score, now we need to find a washer… LOL.  Ok we aren’t that petty!  But we did look.  And looky looky here:

My mom called my aunt and said she’d make up the difference if need be but my aunt said nope, as long as they don’t expect anything else for Christmas.  LOL.  We don’t expect things at all and so we were joking with her and I was like, Yey I won’t have to find places for more stuff. haha.  And PC got a comment about we’d have clean clothes for Christmas.  We were like, um we had a washer… but ok works for us 🙂

Ok so thanks for indulging in my long rambling story full of pretty dreams!


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0 thoughts on “Christmas in October…..

  1. Hah! We're so on the same page. On my 30th B-day my parents asked me what I wanted. I think they were expecting me to hand them a list from Tiffany's – my Dad pulled me off to the side & under his breath asked me “Do you REALLY want a washing machine for your 30th B-day?” YUP! No more schlepping to my parents or laundrymats for me!! 🙂 LOL

  2. Your faucet looks familiar. 😉 We got our faucet at Lowe's! Great minds work alike! 😀

    You're going to LOVE your front loading washer! Remember… start with 1 Tablespoon of laundry soap for soft water and no more than 2 Tablespoons for harder water. Ignore the soap labels… they're trying to sell soap. I have had multiple plumbers and appliance folks say that you only need a little bit.

    Stef at

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