100 in 1001 days

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Ok I jumped on the bandwagon! Although this is difficult!!! I used help from Amber at The Survival Guide for the Young, Fabulous & Newlywed, Jordan at The deFlon Family, Lindsay at A Small Town Kind of Life, as well as Day Zero Project and then continued to rack my brain. Coming up with 56 was fairly easy… 101 took me a while… oy! So here are the things I would like to try and accomplish in 1001 days (2.75 years). Starting day: September 29, 2010, ending day: June 26, 2013 (boy I hope I did my math right ;)).

To help me keep track so I didn’t hopefully put something twice I broke them down in categories but I seriously could have even put something twice :(.

Wish me Luck!!!

1) Complete 15 push-ups in a row
2) Set a weight goal
3) Reach my goal weight
4) Wear the “skinny” jeans hiding in my closet
5) Floss every day for a month
6) Donate hair to Locks of Love (again)
7) Donate blood
8) Find a dentist and go regularly
9) Find a new hair dresser that I like!
10) No pop (soda) for 1 month
11) Improve my Posture
12) Join a book club
13) Dye my hair
14) Get the Pink Hair extension for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
15) Join a Relay-4-Life Team

1) Create an Emergency Fund
2) Increase contributions to church
3) Save for/buy a safe
4) Have emergency fund of at least 3 months pay
5) Pay off my Mustang
6) Enroll in 401K
7) Start a savings account for PC’s future business
8) Start an Etsy (shop, page, whatever their called)
9) Get everything changed over into my new name
10) Save for an upgrade on my camera

1) Make a homemade berry pie from fresh picked berries
2) Host a holiday party at my house
3) Make a “from scratch” dessert
4) Keep my car clean for a month straight
5) Find a red wine I like to drink
6) Try a drastic new hairstyle
7) Host a dinner party
8) Make my own jam
9) Grow a garden and eat something from it
10) Can my own tomatoes, sauce and salsa
11) Make homemade soup from scratch
12) Print out digital pictures and make a photo album
13) Make 1 new meal per month
14) Take a monthly photo and change it out on my wall for 1 year
15) learn photo shop
16) Learn the ins/outs of my camera
17) Make my floors clean enough to eat off of for 1 week
18) Make a quilt out of PC’s old Army uniforms
19) Make PC’s quilt (bought the material last year)
20) Finish Evelyn’s blanket and get it to her
21) Go through my shoes and get rid of some
22) Get everything put away in our house
23) Plant a garden
24) Learn to can my own vegetables
25) Purchase all equipment to can my own vegetables
26) Remodel my bedroom
27) Keep our house picked up for one month

1) Take the GRE
2) Love my job or find a job I love
3) Decide if I want to get a Master’s
4) Learn Spanish fluently
5) Take another Photography Class
6) Take an office in PEO (again)
7) Write a book
8) Enter into a Master’s Program

1) Go skiing
2) Go berry picking
3) Fly in a hot air balloon
4) See the Grand Canyon
5) See Niagara Falls
6) Swim with a dolphin
7) Do a wine tasting
8) Visit Canada
9) Go on a vacation with just PC and myself
10) Go on a road trip and site see along the way
11) Spend a night at a Bed & Breakfast
12) Visit 3 new states
13) Do the wine stomping while at a vineyard
14) Try 15 new Restaurants
15) Plan an unforgettable 1 year wedding anniversary
16) Go to the lake for a weekend
17) Go Camping
18) Go to the Dixie Stampede
19) Visit Apple Butter Makin’ Days
20) Go to the Maple Leaf Parade
21) Qualify for the AQHA World Show

Just for Fun
1) Take Scuba Diving Classes
2) Read the Bible cover to cover
3) Read a new book a month
4) Show grace when it is undeserved
5) Have a garage sale
6) Build a snowman
7) Go to church every Sunday for at least 2 months
8) Surprise someone with a random, generous gift
9) Join a Bible Study
10) Pray each day
11) Sleep under the stars
12) Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet
13) Kiss in the rain
14) Visit somewhere out of the norm and speak with an accent for a day
15) Take Ballroom Dance Lessons
16) Do a photo shoot for 5 friends
17) Keep up my blog
18) Make all recipes in the Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook
19) Do a yearly post wedding Scrapbook page
20) Write a blog entry for each item crossed off my list

Whew I set the bar high… let’s see if I can do it 🙂 Wish me luck!!!

12 thoughts on “100 in 1001 days

  1. Fun! I want to do this, but I'm having a HARD time coming up with things for this list. I've grape stomped and it's a ton of fun!

  2. Good luck! When I come up with these types of lists, I end up not doing them! I have no idea why. However you can and I will send good mojo your way!

  3. WOW! What a list!!! Great job! Thanks for the shout out too darlin!! If your coming to Canada come and see me!! 🙂 I think your list is really good! I think you can do them all!!!! xo

  4. I did one of these too, but I'm having a hard time remembering to do all of the things. :-/

    Let's motivate each other! 🙂

  5. I'm totally rooting for you!!

    If I make one of these lists I'd have an anxiety attack of all the things I need to accomplish in so little times.

  6. Guuurrrrl! I'm impressed. I'm having a hard time just trying to come up with stupid random “things” 10-days in a row. LOL!

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