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So I have Upper Respiratory Infection… or that’s what they think anyway… it could be a summer cold but all I can tell you is I feel like crap! I would so love to be sleeping right now! My ears hurt so bad from this, yesterday I wanted to cry but if I cried then my nose would run and I’d have more issues so instead I watched, “Julie & Julia.” Well first I guess I should say I finally get to claim I saw the movie, “Eclipse” in theaters! It was by far the best of the 3. Now it makes me want to finish the book. I’ve been reading on the book over a year now. Book 2 was so slow in my opinion it burned me out… So then we came home and watched “Julie & Julia.” I had dreams all night that food was attacking me. I’d wake up, move, go back to sleep and the food was back. Kind of a scary feeling!

We also saw “Grown Ups” in theaters on Sunday. Very good movie! It was hilarious! Adam Sandler never lets you down!!

I got another award from The Green Eyed Lady. If you haven’t been to her blog, you should check it out!!! She’s fabulous Daling!!!So the rules with this one, tell 10 things about yourself and pass it along to 5 people!

1. I go by my middle name. People always ask why, but I always have, it wasn’t my choice. My opinion, don’t name your kid one thing and have them go by a middle name, it’s confusing as all heck!

2. My wedding is in 60 days

3. My toenails are painted like flags right now.

4. I washed my car yesterday so it rained yesterday… I swear it happens every time!

5. People have mistaken my last name for a first and last name before… yeah I don’t get it…

6. Our house number had to have been a Hispanic families because we keep getting people calling talking in Spanish and I don’t know that much 🙁

7. I have a scar on my right arm where my arm got caught in my purse zipper a year ago… don’t ask, I don’t know….

8. I have a scar below my lip from where I bit through my lip as a 2 year old… I fell forward…

9. I’m about to become a step-mom… I got my walking, talking, potty trained daughter and I don’t have stretch marks! Yey 🙂

10. I feel old… my 10 year class reunion is in 2011.

Now to pass this on to 5 lovely ladies:

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And I’ll leave you with this, it is 8 til 1pm here and in Afghanistan where some of my friends are it is 10:23pm… yup they are 10 1/2 hours. Yeah they are half hours… I think it’s weird too!

You know the saying Time Flies when you’re having fun… well Kermit the Frog says Time’s fun when you’re having flies 🙂

Peace, Love, & Time

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