Man it was Hot Today!!

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I’m seriously not one to complain about the heat… just because I hate being cold! So I’d rather be hot than in frigid temps, especially with no electricity! But I thought this was too cute not to share and pass on 🙂 Again, another email. Can you tell I’ve been cleaning out my emails?

I was working when I heard an ice cream truck and thought I’d grab some ice cream to cool off. I didn’t get there fast enough… It must be the humidity…
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Ok so earlier this week I got another Blogger award from Jenna over at Legally Brunette. I wasn’t feeling well earlier this week, but I think I’ve nailed this thing in the butt again, I sure hope anyway! So thank you again and I didn’t mean to put it off! I truly appreciate the award!

So 7 random facts about me… wow I’m starting to run out of facts, if they are a repeat, sorry!:

  1. I wore the same size jeans from the time I was in 8th grade until I was a Junior in college, so I had 30+ pairs of jeans.
  2. Oddly enough I’m not a big fan of Capri’s (even though I wear them once in a while) so for work clothes in the summer I wear dresses/skirts, a lot.
  3. I’m truthfully thinking my 27th birthday is freaking me out way more than any other birthday!
  4. I sprained my right ankle in 2006 so it was bigger than my left. Last summer I sprained my left (doing Zumba, I was working out trying to be good) and now they are back to the same size basically.
  5. Cleaning out my room at my parents last weekend I found my old 35mm camera. Yup I still have it apparently.
  6. We had a German Foreign exchange student live with us when I was in 8th grade.
  7. I wear a double horse head ring on my finger that my grandma gave me when I was in 4th grade. I still haven’t lost it, it still fits, and she’d had it long before she gave it to me.

Now I need to pick 7 other blogs. It doesn’t say anything about having to be newly found blogs which is good because lately I haven’t found new ones. So Here are the 7 I’ll choose for today in no particular order:

  1. That’s Why her Hair is so big..
  2. Synfully Delicious
  3. Beer Budget Bride’s Musings
  4. He Popped the Question… She Said Yes!
  5. Newlywed Adventures
  6. NYC Island Gal
  7. ooh! Piece of Candy!


So way back when we had gone looking for tuxes. The second place we went we really liked what we saw so we decided, we’ve found what we’re looking for, let’s just stick to this and call it good. Then we bought our house. After that we did the number crunching for the tuxes and I freaked out. I was like you guys can just wear jeans. PC said no, I’m only having one wedding, we’ll do this right. Plus he has his heart set on tails so we decided this weekend we’d go hunting around for better prices. Thursday at lunch I had to run to town and get my car inspected so I can get it re-licensed before the 30th. They got done with it fast so PC and I used the rest of the lunch hour to try some places around town. We found the place! Just like 5 blocks from the church, cut our tux rentals in half, and they got theirs from the same places as the other so we were able to get the exact same everything. SOLD! So the 31st all the guys are going in to be measured. Wow 42 days. This is approaching quickly and I’m not 100% sure everything is done or even close to being done. Ack! Oh well I’ve always worked fairly well under pressure, I just get a little grumpy but everything gets done with time to spare and it is right! Whew 🙂 Cool part about this, I don’t have to do it all by myself.

Ok I’ll give your eyes and brain a chance to rest and quit rambling. Have a fabulous day!!

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  1. Hey Nicole! Thanks for the award! It's been beastly hot here as well. I hope neither of us melts into oblivion! haha Anyway, have a fantastic weekend!

  2. LOL yeah, I'm exactly the opposite. I don't complain when there's 13inches of snow on the ground. I can't stand this heat. It was 107 the other day in NY – I think they had a thermometer at the Yankee game that said it was 110 in the sun – yowza!

  3. LOL on the pic! I am right on with you about prefering the heat over cold….but it was REALLY hot this week!

    WOOT on finding your tuxes at a better price, WOOT to PC helping!

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