Flower Girl Dresses

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I told Tbug that I’d take her flower girl dress shopping since she agreed to be our flower girl. On February 27th my mom and I ran to the mall looking for something and while I was waiting on her, in all the stores I went looking for dresses. I figured it was Easter time, our colors being Teal and Brown, those were perfect colors to find around Easter time. I went into JC Penney and I found what I thought was The Dress. My mom said so buy it. I was like, nope, I told Tbug that I would take her dress shopping. Then while still waiting on my mom I found what I thought I wanted shoe wise. I went home that night and talked to Prince Charming. He said why didn’t you buy it. Again I pointed out that I told Tbug we’d go dress shopping. So Sunday, Prince Charming, Tbug, and I loaded up in the car and headed to the mall. We also went to Kohl’s, TJ Formal & David’s Bridal. I figured if I was going to do this, I should do it right and look at all places. We took photos of Tbug in all the dresses and go figure, the dress I thought was the dress, turned out not to be The Dress. It looked too old on her, but we did find the dress and she picked out the shoes (different from the originals).

This is the first dress we picked out that she tried on. This was at Kohls, it just looked too old for her. (don’t look at her socks or the fact the dress was between her knees… LOL)

This was dress 2. We thought it was cute, again to old.

Dress 3 and this probably would have been our second choice had we not chosen the one we bought her.

This was the last one we tried on at Kohl’s. It wasn’t bad but just really white and blue as opposed to teal for our taste.

Tbug really liked this one and it was very cute, however it looked more like a Sunday Church dress instead of a flower girl wedding dress. (again please don’t hold it against me I left her socks on her….)

This one was just way to big on her and it was the smallest size they had in that cut. (These were at Sears)

This was the dress I originally thought was “The Dress”. It was at Penney’s but after seeing it on her and seeing the one we bought on her… I just fell in love with the one we bought.

This was the dress. We got it at Sears. Now I know you are going to say, it’s brown and pink… haha… my mom knows how to sew and we took care of that problem, and oh is it super cute. Tbug picked out a pair of brown strappy shoes for it also!!

All we found when going to David’s Bridal & TJ Formal were white dresses that were overly priced. I told Tbug, I get to wear white at my wedding, someday you’ll get your chance when she told me she wanted to wear white. The flower girl dress being around Easter was also on sale & I got an additional percentage off of that. I also got a percentage off of the shoes. It was so meant to be. Thank you, Grandma Smith!!! I know you were looking out for us! I’m not posting final pictures of the dress just yet, have to keep some mystery going 🙂


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