It’s Snowing…. AGAIN!!

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Snow snow, go away, go to someone else!! Ok so it is pretty when you actually look at it, but I’m tired of it. I just now got where I can get in and out of my driveway with my car, and now more snow. If I could get out of the driveway, I’d be fine, it’s just the dumb driveway doesn’t like me. It’s uphill both ways. My car hasn’t left the driveway since last Thursday, instead I’ve just been hitching rides, which I guess is good on gas for me :)… LOL. Anyway where I sit at work, I can see out of my co-worker’s window as long as his door is open and there were some HUGE snow flakes coming down! It looked like someone was sprinkling pulled apart cotton. Here are a few snap shots I got this morning.

This is out between the 2 buildings at work looking right out the door.

This is between the two buildings looking left out of the door

This is right around the corner of the door. This is where the smokers go out for a smoke break.

It caught some of the speed of the snow falling!!

This is straight out a different door of the building to the east side of the building.

This was taken out of my co-workers window. You can’t see the snow as well from the window view.

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