Audrey & Marlie Strike again….

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So the other night we were sitting here watching tv.  Audrey & Marlie were in the house and asleep on their blanket in front of the tv.  Audrey was up against the entertainment center and Marlie was just in front of her facing us with her feet.  Now Marlie is funny b/c she’s constantly dreaming she’s chasing things with her feet moving and whining.  That in itself is quite comical!  So anyway I’m not sure if Marlie was awake or not at this point but she rolled over and rolled right on top of Audrey.  Audrey got up, got in her face and growled, then walked over and went back to sleep under the Christmas tree.  It might have been one of those you had to be there moments, but it was great.  I laughed my butt off at them.

On another note, different night… Marlie & Audrey were in the house with us again, again they were both sleeping on the dog bed right in front of the tv.  Now I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen Marley & Me, the movie with Owen Wilson & Jennifer Anniston but in that movie there is a scene where dogs were barking.  I don’t care what you do, sometimes if Marlie is asleep she doesn’t budge no matter what sound you make, but she heard those dogs barking and immediately sat up and looked around.  As the tv proceeded to bark she got up and started walking around the entertainment center trying to find the “dogs”.  Finally she looked at us like, What in the heck did I miss.

Ah, I love my dogs.

And on a completely different note, does anyone feel like this week is just dragging on and on and on and on and on?  I think maybe it got a new set of Energizer batteries… what do you think?  The last 2 days I’ve had a headache.  I have high hopes for today being headache free. We’ll have to wait and see.

7 thoughts on “Audrey & Marlie Strike again….

  1. Cute stories! I loved the movie Marley & Me.

    It does feel like it's been a long week. Hope today is better for you & headache free 🙂

  2. I think this horrible crud I got started with a headache, sore throat, then WHAM!! I sure hope you don't get it. I'm sure my posts were germ free. I love dogs. More than people some times…

  3. OH MY… My week is going TOOO fast. I have so much I need to do before Friday is over. UGH!

    I can not get through Marley & Me without crying my eyes out.

    My husband's aunt had her dog at Christmas…. anytime there was a dog or cat on the tv, he would go all crazy. It was pretty entertaining.

  4. Hahaha. Animals make good entertainment. Kristin was watching Pirates: On Stranger Tides and the mermaids were hissing and her cat was freaking out about that. Silly.

    Yes, the week is dragging! But…Grey's is on tonight…and it is NEW!

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