Good Bye St. Louis – I’ll Miss you!!!

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Sadly when hubby and I woke up on Saturday morning, we had to pack our belongings and move them all to the car.  Sadly, our time was up on vacation.  This was one of the most relaxing vacations I’ve been on in a while and we still did quite a bit of stuff even.

One thing I wanted to do before we left town was to go to Trader Joe’s.  There was also another grocery store right there across the road and yes, I get my kicks by going to the grocery store and walking the aisles.  I guess I’m deprived of actual grocery stores back home… we have Wal-Mart…

Mac n’ Cheese Puffs, yes, please.

As we were checking out, I saw this candy bar and pointed it out to hubby.  The cashier told us that the Cookie Spread is one of their top-selling items, so we decided to give it a try.  Hello YUM!

Then we left and went to lunch at Five Guys Burgers.

After lunch, we decided to head back downtown to pick up a few last items.  I knew there was another Trader Joe’s on our route so we made a second stop, if nothing else, to pick up more of those scrumptious candy bars!  We also got some of their Cookie Butter.  Next door happened to be a World Market so we ventured in there to walk around.  I saw this cookbook.  Sooooo the cookbook Tbug needs.  She loves Bacon.

Then we left and headed on into the city.

This is one sight I’m going to miss and could definitely love to see every day.  How gorgeous is that?  I love skylines and that arch.  Amazing!

We decided to be goofy.  Don’t worry, his eyes were on the road!!

We ran back to St. Louis Union Station to pick up our photo frame, sweatshirts, and a Christmas Tree ornament.

When we walked in, kids were feeding these goldfish.  Look at the Gold Fish.

They’re huge!  They were right next to Landry’s Seafood house.  Pretty sweet huh?

One thing I have is a collection of the Dealership Double Shot Harley-Davidson Shotglasses so I googled a Harley store so we could get our St. Louis shot glass.  Later after I got home I noticed that there were a few others in the area.  Dang, guess we need a second trip!

And then we were off.  The roughly 4 1/2 hour trip home.  Sad day!  Back to reality.

We got home, unpacked the car, and realized we had nothing for dinner so hubby took me out for a nice steak dinner to finish up our trip.

Ah, St. Louis, How I miss thee!

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0 thoughts on “Good Bye St. Louis – I’ll Miss you!!!

  1. Awe, that looks like a wonderful vacation for you two lovebirds! I love city skylines too. If you want to plan a visit to see another one, you can come check out our city next. I think it has a lovely skyline! 🙂 I have never had that Trader Joe's candy bar, but I know they have some yummy chocolate bars and other delicious snacks. The men in my family love some Five Guys too.

  2. Fantastic trip!

    I've never been to trader joes either, but will one of these days. I hear they've got an excellent selection of wine.

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