6 Weeks of Revolt Workout!

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This week was the 6th and final week of the first Revolt Set.  Holy cow.  I made it 6 weeks.  At times I thought it got easier and at times it was still extremely challenging.  I’m glad that I participated in this Revolt and I’m ready for the next 6 weeks.  Hopefully it gets easier… wanna place any bets as to if it does or not?

My only complaint is I HATE squats :).  haha.  And you do a lot of them, but it sure works out your butt and your legs so I guess in the end it is worth it.  I don’t have a bench so I’ve been using my love seat for the bench… that’s been interesting :).  And I still have yet to get my husband to blow up my balance work out ball thingy… so I improvise :).  I don’t have a medicine ball but I use my free weights and it all works the same.  See minor changes but you can’t really tell or see a difference :).

So the great part is you can do it right in your home with what you have, and very minimal equipment required.

I need to weigh and measure myself, but not today.  Maybe tomorrow or Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday… lol :).  Just not today!  Why?  Because it’s the evening now and I’m not going to see the evening weight gain :).  I want to use morning measurements!! 🙂

Happy Saturday

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0 thoughts on “6 Weeks of Revolt Workout!

  1. Well, congratulations on the first 6 weeks!
    Do you have a tire pump? Or a pump for an air mattress? That might blow up the ball thingy.
    Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!

  2. So happy that you love it!! Keep up the amazing work!!

    I am an only weigh in the morning kind of person too! LOL Thought I was the only one …

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