Little Cricket Bars

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Isn’t she beautiful? This was Little Cricket Bars, or her barn name was Cricket or Ma. She is a 1984 model. If there’s one thing I can teach you about horses, their age changes on January 1st. That would make her 32. 32 is old in horse years.

A friend of our family gave her to us with the condition she had a home until she died. We agreed, and sadly Saturday night into Sunday morning she lost her battle. I’m not sure she was battling anything other than as she was getting older, it was getting harder for her to get around. Their 32 years is probably like what 70-90 in adult years? I’ve actually never heard a conversion like dog years… for every year a dog gains 7… ya know… I’ve never heard that conversion for horses.

So sadly we lost our Cricket yesterday. She will be missed. She was such a good momma and a good horse. I can tell you though, feeding time and you better give her some right as you walk through the gate or she’d get mad.

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  1. Hi there, I own a granddaughter of Little Cricket Bars, so I thought I’d leave you a note! She is registered as Frenchmans Crickett and she is a barrel horse.

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