Dad’s Birthday

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My dad’s birthday was Friday. Does it seems sad that all I have are stories and pictures of food? Just a thought….

Yup, dad’s birthday was Friday. Dad had to work. Hubby had to work. And if you want to call what I was doing work, I did too… although I don’t. More on that to come!

Anyway I made plans to get Tbug so she could be there for dad’s birthday dinner. Turns out her mom and {step}dad were eating at the same place we were, Texas Roadhouse, so she just road there with them and I went and got her from inside the restaurant. hehe. Hey don’t knock it, she got to see grandpa on his birthday and that’s what matters.

Abug had stayed with mom on Friday since I had prior plans for the days adventures so she rode over to the restaurant with grandma, grandpa and Grandma J (great grandma). They were there when we got there. I ran in and got Tbug and we were all present and accounted for :).

They had a guy dressed up as an armadillo, he walked up and stood right next to Tbug and scared her. It was funny and cute.

Our number was called and we went in. Mom gave dad his birthday present right then (ours wasn’t here yet to give him so he’s still waiting). It was a photo frame to hang Tbug’s showing picture on the wall with the rest of them. The only thing he’s really said he wanted. Plus he got a new book, but I don’t know which one. I then ran the stuff out to the truck for them so we didn’t have to sit with it at the table all through dinner.

Next, it was time to eat!

Bread and cinnamon butter. What more could you ask for. really? I mean couldn’t you just make a meal out of that? I guess if not, I can still answer, I can.

I went with the Road Kill again. Hey, grandma J got it too so it’s got to be good right? I learned how to cook from her! And then I went with the loaded baked potato where she went with sweet potatoes.

Abug went with Mac and Cheese and Apple sauce, eating steak off my plate and mom’s plate.

Dad, Hubby, Tbug, and mom went with steak. Dad always gets his Medium, Tbug, Mom and Hubby get Medium Rare. Other than that I don’t think there was much difference in their plates.

Abug was scared to death of the Armadillo. Did not like him at all.

And that is what dad’s birthday wrote. Fun stories and food porn. ha!

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