Pensacola Beach Eats: Landry’s Seafood

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The last night we were at Pensacola Beach, my dad had to take off for Atlanta for his job for a meeting the next day. Earlier in the day we had gone deep sea fishing, when we came back, we showered, had lunch, and then hubby and I crawled into bed and slept for like 2-2 1/2 hours. The heat/sun took it out of us. Plus we were on vacation so naps are totally allowed.

Around 6 or so, I don’t know, I was asleep, my mom and aunt came into our room and tried waking us up for dinner. I opened my eyes when she yelled at me and asked if we wanted dinner. I muttered something semi coherently that sounded like I don’t know ask him and fell back asleep while kicking hubby to get his attention.

I did hear a conversation between my aunt and Tbug when my aunt asked how I slept through his snoring. Tbug answered she doesn’t, that’s why she kicks him. ha!

Anyway he said yes to dinner so we both drug our butts out of bed and down to the car. I know we didn’t, but we felt like we kind of exhausted our food options on Pensacola Beach so someone suggested Landry’s Seafood which was just over the bridge. We all thought that sounded good so plugged it into the GPS and away we went.

This happened to be our night for drinks apparently. When we were in Hawaii we all had Mai Tai’s and they were friggin awesome. I’m not much of a drinker, but I had some of those in Hawaii… During the planning of this trip, that’s all mom and hubby talked about. They had one at the hotel, but said it wasn’t nearly as good as the ones in Hawaii. So when they saw this on the window they decided to try one. Hubby said this was pretty darn close (PDC) to the ones we had in Hawaii.

My MIL’s favorite drink is a Mudslide. I’d never had one so I did swipe a swig. It was good enough and tasted like dessert that, yes, I had one for my dessert. She said this one was good, it was made with ice cream. Some places use ice and cream, she said they aren’t as good.

Our view of the bay and what looked like some really expensive houses.

They brought out 2 salads after we all placed our orders. Apparently they were different. I didn’t really try much of the salads because I ordered a Chicken Caesar salad for my meal because I really wasn’t all that hungry (not pictured). My chicken Caesar salad wasn’t all that good :(.

We decided to get Fried zucchini as an appetizer. YUM! Even Abug loved them. In fact when we ran out she was upset.

Then there was an order of seafood stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer as well. Hubby shared one with me. They were okay. Sadly I wasn’t all that hungry to begin with. But remember, I’m not a seafood specialist… so don’t always take my word when seafood is involved…. LOL.

While we were eating our appetizers we were discussing Memaw’s Mudslide. Hubby thought they could make a virgin one for Tbug substituting the Kahlua which is a coffee flavored alcohol with coffee. When I asked the waiter he looked at me like I had a rhino horn growing out of my nose. So mom asked him what virgin drinks they had. He suggested a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri. I asked Tbug if she’d ever had one, she said no so we kind of described it and then I said order it. If she doesn’t like it I’ll drink it. Verdict is, she loved it. On a side note: I’ve never had a real Strawberry Daiquiri, I’ve only ever had virgin ones….

Tbug went for the Fried Catfish. Now… here is where I got annoyed with her… First off, that afternoon we ate lunch around 3 or so… so Tbug nor I were very hungry. I can’t speak for hubby, I don’t know. Anyway when her food got there she wasn’t touching it. She has a bad habit of filling up on sides before her main course and if you don’t stop her, she won’t eat the main course. So when she was sitting there not eating it I smarted off that she was full. She claimed it was hot.

Eventually hubby grabbed a piece and said it really was hot. This was probably 5-10 minutes after she had received her food. I still stuck with she was full. Then she ate 2 small bites, we’re talking small and there’s a lot there… and then claimed she was full. That’s when my annoyance kicked in. I was annoyed because instead of saying she was full to begin with, she kept saying it was hot. I’m not sure which was the real truth. I just want the truth, not a “lie”. Anyway… moving on…

What few bites she ate, I think she liked. Hubby said it was good.

Abug got a kids meal of 2 mini cheeseburgers and fries. Some days she’ll eat us all under the table, other times she won’t eat anything at all. She ate a couple bites and that was it. I snagged a few hamburger bites, they were okay.

Hubby and mom got Snapper Hemingway. Parmesan encrusted, lump blue crab and lemon butter; crab orzo & asparagus. Why this picture is blurry I have no idea…. Hubby said he was happy with his choice. He offered me a bite but I was so full from earlier in the day I wasn’t interested.

Grandma & Memaw ordered something that also came with dessert. They both said they wanted bread pudding. This was their bread pudding with dessert. Now mom ordered bread pudding for dessert and it was a totally different size/style than the one that came with the meal. Abug liked it.

The waiter misunderstood and thought one or the other of Grandma or Memaw wanted Creme Brulee. After he brought it out, he said to keep it. Tbug had never had it so they gave it to her to try. I also snagged a bite because I’d never tried it either. It was interesting. The crunchy top was both our faves. Abug loved it as well.

Hubby went with the small portion of Red Velvet cake. He shared with Abug. She was in heaven. And with all the sugar at the end of the meal, she still went to bed at a decent hour. Score!

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