Father’s Day

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My Father’s Day started out with me spouting off something about hubby could just snore by himself… or something like that. He woke me up snoring but if he hadn’t… I wouldn’t have seen this beautiful sunrise! This last weekend we spent at the lake, but got up early Sunday morning to head home. This was about 6am. Now if you remember Sunday was the Summer Solstice so that means the longest day of the year. I played on the swings down on the playground for about an hour and then wandered back to camp to converse with friends before going in and waking Tbug, Abug and then hubby at 7:30 to open Father’s Day presents.

Hubby got Taya Kyle’s book, a decorative bottle of sand, quotes and a KC Chiefs beach towel.

Then we loaded up camp and headed for home. We were having dinner (lunch…) at my parents house at 1pm. When we got home we took showers and then headed to their house. My mom got Pork Shoulders for lunch (dinner….). We fired up the grill and hubby started grilling but was “complaining” about being tired so I took over the grilling.

Abug was standing at the door and didn’t want to let us back in. My MIL had to rescue us.

Before lunch we gave the dad’s their presents. My dad got a huge (talking huge) container of peanut butter. My FIL got a handheld battery charger for his cell phone.

Once lunch was ready mom gave Abug her sippy cup and she downed what was in it. It was half full…. then proceeded to down a second one. Yikes.

We had the pork, baked beans, red potato salad, steamed cabbage and garlic toast. For dessert mom made her Peanut Butter Pie.

Abug thought the pie was a touch down. Then hubby and I crawled on the couch and love seat and went to sleep. My MIL, mom and Tbug entertained Abug… woops. In my defense I was sick over the weekend and getting over whatever I had. Hubby was apparently just tired.

And that’s how you have a low key Father’s Day.

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