Happy Easter!

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The Easter Bunny visited our house!! Instead of a basket, she got a sand bucket and shovel. How did the bunny know? Plus a Football playing bunny and a train set. She was absolutely excited. Wow, how much fun could this have been at Christmas, the excitedness! She opened the basket and played with the boys while mommy and daddy got ready, then she got ready and off to church we headed.

After church we went to my parents house where of course my parents were (duh!), my aunt and uncle came, my grandma came and so did my mother in law. Hubby and I were responsible for the corn casserole since we have the corn casserole bowl. AC & UB were responsible for dessert. Grandma was responsible for rolls. Memaw brought flowers and candy :). Mom made hubby deviled eggs, Mom made my potato casserole, the rolls were for dad (strawberry jam was for hubby), the corn was for hubby and UB, the carrots were for mom and AC. This was totally our Easter 🙂 The ham was a Christmas present from UJ & Reneè

While we were putting food out on the table, Abug was playing with new Easter presents and entertaining us all. After food, it was time for dessert! AC got this dessert from a bakery place in Ada, Oklahoma. She said that the Carrot cake was even better the next day.

And after dessert, it’s nap time!

Hope you all had a wonderful and Happy Easter! Remember the real reason for the season… The tomb was empty, Jesus has Risen!

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