The Stuff I Cooked Last Night

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Blame the title on hubby… Anyway, Last night as I was driving home from school, I thought about this pasta I had one time.  It is based off a Rachael Ray recipe and I thought, you know it’s raining, cloudy, cool, fall, this sounds good so I stopped by the store, grabbed ingredients and away I went.

Needed: Pasta, 28oz Can Italian Crushed Tomatoes, 1 Cup Ricotta Cheese, half a small onion, 1 Cup {store bought} Pesto, Italian Cheese (I used 2 cups), Parmesan cheese (I used about a cup).  Plus I had some hamburger that needed to be used up so I decided to throw that in.

Brown up the hamburger, sweat out the onions and cook up the garlic.

Start the pasta to cooking.  Once it is cooked, add it to the ricotta and some Parmesan cheese.  Mix together with the Pesto.

Once your beef mixture has cooked up, add the crushed tomatoes.  I could only find original so I added in my own Italian seasoning and a handful or so of dried basil seasoning.  Mix it all together and then dump on the pasta and mix again.

Top the pasta mixture with cheese.  I wound up using 2 cups because come on, it’s cheese.  Then place under the broiler for about 5 minutes or so until it melts and becomes YUMMY!

And Hello, dinner is ready!

Oh Lourie, this is what I tried to offer you as left overs 😉

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