Shhhhh, they're sleeping!

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So I really didn’t mention this because it sucked, but Josie was stolen from us a couple weeks after we got her.  The strangest part about that is she was gone for about a week, came back and was missing again the next day and we haven’t seen her since.  We looked high and low but we never found her.

So we were back to Audrey and Marlie and then Audrey sprung a leak in the form of four puppies.  But I think we need our heads examined here at our house because we got another puppy this weekend.

Now Audrey’s puppies will find new homes when they are of age, so we won’t have 7 dogs, however, we will have 3.

The newest addition is almost 8 week old Great Pyrenees named Rio. Pyrenees are good watch dogs for sheep and goats.  I sold the last of my sheep a year ago and contrary to what my dad and husband say/think I don’t plan on getting goats any time soon, so why a Pyrenees you may ask.

My answer: Why not?

My parents got Rio’s full sister and named her Tulsa.  So Rio and Tulsa have joined the dog clan here at our houses.  Mudflap doesn’t know what to think of Tulsa and Marlie acts like Rio has the plague, but new puppies at our house none the less :).

Sunday while I was cooking for our Super Bowl party we were headed to, I asked Tbug to watch Rio for me, the next thing I know, I looked over and this is what I saw.

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  1. Awww,so sweet of them sleeping together! I have to stay away from the puppies right now because we are just too busy, but my husband knows I'd jump at the chance for one!

  2. Oh what a cute picture!! Sorry to hear about Josie, that's so sad. But at least you have Rio now, such a sweet puppy!!

  3. I'm so sorry sweet Josie got stolen! HOW AWFUL!! 🙁
    Spread the word to your neighbors? I'm sure you have.

    I love great Pyrenees! So pretty!

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