A Little Husband Q&A Time

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I saw a few of my fellow bloggy friends doing this and thought it looked like fun.  Yes, I became a follower, LOL.  Just so you know I was asking him through gtalk.  It probably would have made more sense to sit there and ask him, but I wasn’t around him at the time I wanted to conduct this survey so I had to make due 🙂  He was such a good sport about playing along, I think he shall get a reward, what do you think? 😉 haha :).  

Are you willing to answer questions for the ol’ blog?

I suppose so!!! XD

Ok what was the first thing you noticed about me?  Whether we were 15 or 26? (remember we went to school together)
You have a beautiful face!

A little bit of time lapsed here…

Is that the only question?
No, I got side tracked doing something… I’m back now

What is your favorite memory of us?

You giggling at me while getting married… We watched our wedding video the other night… whew! did I giggle.

What song best describes me?
She is Everything by Brad Paisley…. Good Choice baby 😉
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCjXaEbrLdw]

What is my best feature?
You have Great legs!!!!!!
Wow, so not what I thought you were going to say
What did you think I would say?
I don’t know but not my legs, you never comment on my legs
I have too before!!!!!!

Ok moving on… Do you like my blog?
As a matter of fact….. YES I do!

Complete this sentence: I make you laugh when….
You get tongue tied!…. I’ve said some pretty strange things unfortunately.  I still think the best was I may have been born last night but it wasn’t at night.  When it should have been, I may have been born at night but it wasn’t last night.  Maybe I should have asked him what his favorite was.

What would you miss most about me had we never met {back up after 10 years}?
How you make me feel complete!

What would you miss most about me had we NEVER met?
Okay was that not a correct answer?

One was the second time we met (the first question, remember there was 10 years between the last time we saw each other and our first date).

The amazing friend I had to walk around with in Florida. (School Band trip our sophomore year of high school)
Anymore questions?

Yes, one more….

When did you know I was “The one”?

On our first date at Touch… by the end of that night I knew it!
**I knew that, but I just had to hear it again**

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  1. This was fun! And sounds like you have a great man! So fun that you knew each other when you were young

  2. This was fun and so cute! I love it.
    I might have to do this. I wonder if my hubby will play tho. haha.

  3. Totally might have to borrow this from you 😀 Great idea for a post!

    I was browsing your blog and saw the labels 'Farm Life' and 'Horses' and immediately knew I had to follow you!

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