We's Gots tha White Stuff

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Ok so technically this isn’t the first little bit of snow we’ve had this winter… but what the heck, I got photos of it this morning on our way to work.  No, I wasn’t driving, the husband was, I was the photographer :)… had I been driving, we wouldn’t have these pretty pictures, duh… LOL

This is walking out under our car port to get in the truck.

This is looking the other way, standing right beside the truck.

This is our 2-lane hwy… yes it’s a highway, yes it is state maintained, yes it is just 2 lanes, not 4… yes I live in the country 🙂

That is actually one of my relatives old place… I just thought it was classic country 🙂

dunno, just thought it was a cool shot…

Again, just shooting away!

This is the lake… you can’t tell, but it is.

On the other side of those trees, that’s frozen pond water

More Pond 🙂

Ok I’ll quit with the pond… after this shot 🙂

Go figure, I went to the river 🙂

How do I get to work?  apparently over the river and through the woods… or through the woods and then over the river.

And since we got to work, the sun came out, the skies turned blue and the roads melted.  Go figure 🙂

I’m not a big snow fan… tooooooo dang cold for me… bring on the summer heat!  But it does make for some pretty gorgeous photos doesn’t it?

0 thoughts on “We's Gots tha White Stuff

  1. Just read your A Little of History post…and that is why in Arizona we are trying to do what the Fed Govt is paid to do…protect our borders and curtail ILLEGAL immigration!…of course, the Fed govt sues the state of Arizona…go figure..

  2. Wow that is a lot for OK, huh?! Actually I am drooling over that little amount of snow at the moment with our -21 windchill. Freaking BRRRRR even for a tough Yank like myself 😉 Pretty pics!

  3. LOL, as an Alaskan you know I have to say “what, that little dusting?”.

    Please feel free to send all the snow up north, I am more than happy to keep it all to myself! 🙂

  4. I actually like snow, maybe not so much the shoveling it, getting stuck in it, falling down in it but it's great for snowmen and playing fox and geese and this year would have been an extreme fire hazard without it, so it has it's upside.

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