For a Spanking Good Time

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Last night was a Spanking Good Time… LOL… Nope, it wasn’t dirty, get your mind out of the gutter… well you might keep it slightly there but let me explain!

I was invited to an invitation only event, just for women aged 18 years old +.

It is called the Diva Paddle Party (as their shirt states)

Taken with iPhone… Not the best quality

OMG was it fun and hilarious.  And as the back of their shirt states:

Taken with iPhone again…. But all the rest are taken with my Nikon

So here’s the gist of it….

10 different vendors got together

  1. Premier Design Jewelry (duh it’s jewelry)
  2. Mishe’ Bags (The purses with the magnetic covers)
  3. Scentsy (The newest and latest craze, the smell good stuff)
  4. Longaberger (The basket company)
  5. Pampered Chef (The cooking company)
  6. Tupperware (The storing company)
  7. Home & Garden Parties (The decorating company)
  8. Mary Kay (Make-up)
  9. Tastefully Simple (quick and easy fix meals with 2 ingredients or less)
  10. Passion Parties (Think sex toys… LOL)

They host these 1 night a month.  It is by invitation only, however if I get the invite, I can bring as many friends as I would like.

So you pay $3 to get in the door.  That gives you one bidding Paddle.  Then you can pay $3 and buy more but every paddle is $3.  Now every month they do proceed donations… this month the donation was for the Laffeyette House (They help women in the area with different needs, take them in, etc) so if you brought paper towels, toilet paper, etc (2) you got a free paddle. (Last month was a canned food drive, 2 canned goods got you an extra paddle).  Anyway so you put your name on a ticket (plus your address and which of the 10 ladies that invited you), that got thrown in a pot and then you got your paddle.

My fave color & that number were not a good combo for me last night… LOL

So then you bring a roll of quarters, or if you are me, a plastic baggy full… LOL (just don’t have my luck and let the baggy split out and quarters go flying!)

There were 5 tables set up at the front of the room, each vendor got 1/2 of the table to set up their displays.

Here we have Tupperware, Home & Garden, Mary Kay and the far right there is Tastefully Simple.

Then here’s Pampered Chef along with Tupperware and the Home & Garden

Premier Jewelry, Mishe’ bags, Scentsy & Longaberger
Here were the line of ladies coming in the room, paying.

At this point I put away my camera… I know I’m a bad blogger… LOL

So anyway There are 40 items put up for bid, no more, no less.  Each vendor puts in 4 items.  The items are priced at $15 or more.

Let the bidding begin….

So if you want to bid on the item up for sale (auction) you place your paddle in the air and a quarter in the cups of the ladies walking around.  You have to pay 25 cents per bid… so if you have 4 paddles, you put in $1 in quarters.  Then they draw a number out of the bucket.  If your number is drawn and you bid on that item, you win that item for 1 quarter.  So you jump up and down screaming that you won.  Some of the reactions were hilarious!

Now if you didn’t bid on that item and your number is called, everyone boo’s you and they draw another number.

When the Passion Parties lady put up some of her items, there were some funny embarrassed looks from people.  It was hilarious!

So 1 paddle and bidding on every item, you are out $13 for the night.  Plus they have door prizes, that first ticket where you put all your information, if your name is drawn out of that pot, you win a door prize.

THEN… if that wasn’t enough…

When you first come in and are paying your $3 to get your paddle, you can buy raffle tickets. 1 ticket for $1, 6 tickets for $5, 12 tickets for $10.

The baskets are friggin awesome.  There are 2.

The first basket, each of the 10 vendors put in a $15ish item.  If your name is drawn you just walked away with 10 items equaling $150.

The second basket is a gift certificate to each of the 10 vendors equaling $15.  So if your name is drawn for this, you win $150 in gift certificates.

Let’s just say, this was so much fun and I can’t wait for next month!  I didn’t have much luck last night, however my mom walked away with a Mishe’ wallet, a Mishe’ bag cover & a door prize.

We laughed because she got 2 Mishe’ items, another gal got 2 jewelry items and another gal got 2 Longaberger items.

Until next time, this is Nicole reporting for, That’s Life
Signing Off

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  1. I used to go to farm and antique auctions. Sadly, I'm not very brave so I usually get squat. One time I bought a anvil and carried it about a mile to the car. Mind you we didn't need an anvil, but it was the only thing I could get a bid in on. ;o)

  2. This has so inspired me to look more into paddle partys! That is so cool! thanks for sharing with us!

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