*sigh* sometimes I wish I wasn’t so opinionated or at least I’d learn to keep my opinions to myself. I have no idea how I got so opinionated either. And a lot of times my opinions aren’t always in the happiest of thoughts either. Other times my opinions are taken like they should be but sometimes I just need to learn to keep my mouth shut. Oh joy a new task to add to my list that consists of Not Cussing (or at least cussing less), now not being so opinionated (or at least keeping my opinions to myself), guess those can be added to my list of jobs I need to learn how to do: lawyer, clothing designer, hair stylist, CEO, Doctor, Nurse, Mom, etc etc etc. I used to be extremely shy! To the point I couldn’t even say thank you to someone who did something for me or brought me something. Now I would say I’m reserved. There are times I’m afraid to say stuff and there are other times if you tick me off I’ll blurt out what I think. Isn’t it odd how our lives change?? Although there are times when you have to stand up for yourself and what you believe in too. Boy it’s such a fine line to walk. And then add in the times when you have to stand up for that person who is to shy to say something and they are getting taken advantage of, or better yet, people are putting them down behind their back so they aren’t allowed a chance to defend themselves.
All I want in life is to be a Good Christian person and love and family. Unfortunately I’m flawed just like everyone so we all make our mistakes. I guess it is how we learn and grow from those mistakes that make us who we are and make us a better (or I guess worse) person.
Ok this is all words and thoughts, we need to liven it up a bit :)… how about some beautiful photos of how I spent Thanksgiving afternoon with my sweetheart
Outside my aunt & uncle’s Barn


It’s Raining, It’s Snowing

It’s raining, It’s Snowing, the old man is snoring, no wait that’s not how that goes. What was I thinking? Well, I was thinking that I just ran outside and it’s spitting snow. December 2nd and we are getting snow… YUCK! Oh well, it isn’t sticking, yet… Tonight is supposed to be 22 degrees. blach! I’m not the biggest fan of cold weather, that’s for sure! Last night Prince Charming and I went and saw the Joplin Christmas Parade. Tbug was in it with the Flip shop, although, when she went past us was just walking, no flips or anything, but she made up for it by running over and giving us a hug. I guess we can let it slide this time :). I tried to take some photos but I had my point and shoot and couldn’t get the flash to quit going off. I like my dSLR better for that! Oh well, I was mad when I got home b/c a piece on my car door broke so I never even thought to grab my big camera. I had my point and shoot in my purse. So at work, I usually only am able to get one radio station. Well this time of year there is another radio station that plays nothing but Christmas songs up until like noon on Christmas day, wouldn’t you know, I lucked out and the radio picked up that station. I’m going to be very fulfilled on the Christmas songs by the end of the season! I’m excited. I love this time of year. The trees, the lights, the feelings, the smells, the parties, the songs, everything! Well, maybe Shuttercal page. It’s very cool except when you go to order the photos, it’s like you order the previous month. When I first signed up I thought you were creating a daily calendar for the next year. Oh well, doubt I’ll order any but it’s pretty cool, take a peek… I’m on my 2nd month. Well much to do, much to do, guess I’ll quit typing and go find something else to do. btw has anyone ever noticed that the times that you “post” these doesn’t really go with the real-time. maybe it’s just me….. everything but personal property taxes due… but oh well… we have 2 missions in life, pay taxes and die but we won’t think about that.

So back to this whole snowing thing, one of the girls I work with, Nicole (no I’m not referring to myself in 3rd person… LOL) has these beautiful Hydrangea’s outside her window so I had to get a photo of them today. They must be a hardier flower than I thought.