Boones BBQ Barn – Bolivar, MO

While I’m trying to get the words exactly right for a post on what I did last Friday (It was a fabulous day!) let’s start with where we ate and what I ate. I mean truthfully, food sometimes is a draw, right? We always joke with our Scuba Diving crew, if there’s food, they will come… Well… there might be some truth there.

Friday lead me to Bolivar, Missouri, to tour the local farming community with Missouri Women Bloggers and Missouri Farm Bureau. Rebecca from the MO Farm Bureau contacted us about touring local farms in Southwest Missouri. While we were out she chose a place for us to eat lunch, which happened to be Boones BBQ Barn in Bolivar. Then a special thanks to David Cribbs for contacting Bank of Bolivar to host us for lunch (a special thanks to them for buying our lunch! That was extremely nice and truly unexpected! Thank you!). And what better place to eat for a Farm Tour than at a BBQ Joint! Can I get an Amen?


I’m One Step Closer to Being on DWTS

Hi, my name is Nicole and I absolutely LOVE to dance. No joke!

I was in Ballet for 10 years and tap for 5 as a kid. Loved it. Stupid reason I quit. Don’t ask.

My parents also took Country dance lessons so I learned how to 2-step, West Coast Swing, Waltz, etc.

In high school I actually used to teach my guy friends how to 2-step.

Later in life I learned how to line dance and then whatever you call club dancing to that type of music….

Moral of the story, I like to dance and this white girl has some rhythm… even if I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. (joking… kind of.)

So just last week I was talking to Deb about how some day I need to be famous so that I can be on Dancing with the Stars. She kind of laughed at me. If only they had cameras on at the shop, they’d probably see me dancing around on more than one occasion… haha. (Don’t worry, it’s all G rated, promise!)

Anyway… to be on Dancing with the Stars… you have to be famous. And well…. In case you didn’t know, I’ll let you in on a little secret… I’m not.

Sunday my family went to the FarmFest held up in Springfield and we were walking around.

All the sudden I turned around (don’t know why) and a gal came up and said, “This may sound funny, but do you have a blog?”
Me: “Yes.”
“Is this Abug or Tbug?”
Me: “Yes.”
“I follow your blog. I’m Robbin, I blog at Down on the Farm.”
(Very exciting! I read her blog too!!)

I was soooooo giddy, someone that actually reads my blog and doesn’t know me personally recognized me out in public. How awesome is that?

I was so giddy that I asked if I could take my picture with her. Yup, that’s me… I’m that cool. Hey, at least I wasn’t trying to walk and chew gum at the same time :).

And that is how I know I’m one step closer to being famous so I can be on Dancing with the Stars.

SW MO Blogger Meet up and Springfield Gourmet Taco Company

Saturday we had our second Southwest Missouri Blogger Meet up. (Read about the first one here.) Fawn told us that we were the largest group of our Missouri Women Bloggers, kind of exciting, right? There were 6 of us who attended, 4 of the 6 were from the Springfield area. I came an hour and Alicia came an hour. Kate and I were the only two who attended the first and second meeting. So just who attended?

We met at a new restaurant in Springfield called The Springfield Gourmet Taco Company.

Since only 2 of the 6 of us had been there previously they brought us all 4 types of salsa, mild, sweet, medium and spicy. I tried all of them and while the spicy isn’t just extremely spicy it caught me off guard and let’s just say I started coughing. All were good though! We also learned that the tortilla chips are completely gluten free if anyone wants to know :).

I felt like quite the pig compared to the rest… I ordered the Gourmet enchiladas: red and green chili sauces, queso, aged sharp Cheddar, Pepper jack, shredded romaine, fresh tomato, cilantro citrus sour cream, on a bed of Spanish rice. I went with the Green Chili Ground Beef. They were good. Why did I feel like a pig though? Everyone else went with a taco. Now the taco’s are large. 2 of them went with lettuce wraps instead of tortillas. Yup I’m a pig. 🙁 bummer.

The food was good and if we’re in Springfield and want tacos, we’ll definitely try there but sadly I wouldn’t drive an hour just for this Mexican. It was good though! Don’t get me wrong.