Chiefs Tree

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Honestly, I’m quite late on this, but better late than never. Now that we are in our own house, we had a little more room to put up more trees. We put up 3 in fact. You’ve seen the family tree which housed all the presents. Then both girls got a tree. This one was the Chiefs Tree for Tbug. She had options and this was what she wanted.

Last year at the end of the season I bought this tree. The funny thing is if you look at it, it almost has a silver tone to it. However, it was bought to be gold. So looking at the box, what was printed directly on the box says silver. The label Walmart put on it said Rose Gold. With the lights on it looked more rose gold so who the heck knows what color this tree really is.

New Ornaments

So in the past, we’ve had enough ornaments for a small tree. In fact, the little tree that Abug got started out as the Chiefs tree. I really wanted yellow or gold but couldn’t find either so went with the white one. The goal always was to add more ornaments to the tree each year. Very similar to what we do with our family tree. I was excited to find the gold/silver tree so I had plans for the Chiefs tree. I was very excited when Tbug took it from us. We raised her right!! Because truthfully she had options on what type of tree she wanted.

So this year we added these ornaments…

As I mentioned in our family tree post, we had to put up our trees back in November. So one day in December when Tbug was with her mom, she sent me a text that said she got a new ornament. I really wasn’t sure what she meant, but she did send me a picture. I guess she was out shopping, found this ornament and loved it so she bought it for her tree at our house. Yey!!

Then I was out and about looking for ornaments and found this one to add to the mix. Plus I bought 2 more for her tree that weren’t picturized (haha). One that I bought was an old fashioned looking TV watching a Chiefs game. Then my mom actually bought the other that we didn’t get a photo of. It was a metal ticket.

And finally, for the last 2 years since we started the Chiefs tree, it had a KC Chiefs Elf as the tree topper. But this year for a Christmas present for Tbug, we got a star Chiefs topper. The only tree in the house that actually had a tree topper.

Decorating the Chiefs Tree

For the most part I tried to keep Abug back and let Tbug decorate her tree. On both trees, both girls helped each other, but I just wanted them to have the experience.

Finally, the finished product. Plus… our friend Harriett made a Chiefs Tree skirt for Tbug. It is Gorgeous! In this picture it is a little messed up because my silly robot vacuum hit it and I didn’t get it straightened out for this picture.

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