Crockpot Pizza

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The other day I got it in my head I wanted pizza. I’ve seen multiple times where you could make pizza in a Crockpot and the skeptical part of me wasn’t sure I believed it, so I obviously had to try for myself. I read through a couple different recipes to see if I had all the ingredients. Once I found out I did, away I went….

Except… I realized I didn’t have everything I needed for the particular pizza dough I chose. I had already got my yeast to rising, so I ran to my trusty Pioneer Woman cookbook and decided to make her pizza dough… except it didn’t totally work that way either. Remember, I already had my yeast rising so I just adapted from PW’s recipe.

Then I started digging through the cabinets again and realized I didn’t have any pizza sauce. At this point I should have just given up, but I wasn’t ready to call it quits yet. I found spaghetti sauce. Looking back, it might have been a little thin, but at the last minute, does that even matter?

I did have pepperoni, I knew that and I also had hamburger. So a Hamburger Pepperoni pizza it was. Turns out if I’d have paid a little more attention I could have had black olives and or mushrooms to add to that mix… but I didn’t.

For Christmas I got Mark this really cool crockpot. It had never been used and I really wanted to use it. I decided a rectangle Crockpot would be better for pizza than an oval one anyway.

Trying this… I wound up baking it a little long. I set the timer for 6 hours. I wound up pulling it around 5 and a half hours. I really should have pulled it closer to 4 and a half or 5. It was fabulous, just the crust was a smidge dry.

Lastly I would have/should have put parchment paper down before placing my pizza crust in. It would have made it much easier to get out of the Crockpot. And that my friends is the story/tale of my crockpot pizza.

Pizza dough
Pizza sauce
Pizza toppings

If using raw pizza toppings such as hamburger or sausage, brown the meat first.
Place parchment paper in the crockpot followed by a thin layer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil or cooking spray.
Stretch the pizza dough out to cover the bottom of the crockpot.
Place pizza sauce followed by toppings and lastly cheese. (you can reverse this order to anything that pleases your tastes)
Cover crockpot and place on low for 4-6 hours.
Once pizza is cooked, cut, serve, and Enjoy!

This would be the perfect dinner for summer when you want pizza but don’t want to heat up your house! Plus put it in in the morning and it’ll be ready by the time you get home from work.



*Pulled from my old blog Paved Dirt Roads

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