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Some days, just as we all do at times, I get down on my luck.

I think back and wonder, What would my life have been like had I done ______ instead of ______.

Sometimes my “bad days” get my husband down too, and that just makes me feel worse.

The great thing about mornings is, it’s a new start, a fresh start to a new day.

I guess that truly does make it “present”.

And on a day when I think something isn’t going to go just quite right…

I look out my front door to this beautiful sight that God has placed before me.

I can’t help but wonder, dream, stare.

Life truly is magical and real.

But very short.

And how do I know I made the right decisions with mine?

You know on tv shows where they do the “what if” posts…

Why can’t we see what our life might have been had we done it differently all those years ago?

Would we be upset that we chose the path we did?

Just another mystery of the universe.

By the way, I’ve shared with a few of you {yesterday}, I’ve started a second blog.  Not because this one is so popular… LOL, but because my recipes were getting lost here.  I’ll still post recipes here from time to time because that’s just what I do :)… but I started an all recipe blog.  I moved all recipes from this blog {hopefully I didn’t miss any} over there so they’re easier to find, in case you ever want to check it out :).  I only started working on this task last week, so it’s definitely a work in progress!

Happy Saturday!

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  1. I wonder “what if” all the time…bound to happen, considering my life is nowhere where I thought I'd be at this age. Ah well. It does help to look around and just be grateful!

    I used a recipe from your blog last night! Mark's Mac & Cheese! haha! I didn't want the box kind, so I made my own stovetop kind. So good! 🙂

  2. We all have bad days!! I am not the kind of person that plays the what if game, but I do worry about the future. I find that regretting the past is a waste of energy, but I also wish that I didn't waste so much energy on worry. I've gotten a lot better, but there are still those days…Feel better!

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