Strange things in random places

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Project 52: Books

Earlier this fall we were going through things in my mother-in-laws shop, trying to clean a pathway to get a big tank out.  I just so happened to stumble across this book and wondered what it was so I picked it up and started taking a gander at it.

When I opened the front cover I noticed the name on it.  Really?  So I looked at my mother-in-law (Memaw) and asked her where she got this.  She said she couldn’t remember, just knew that it was in her shop.  She asked me why?  I said, um…. that was my grandma’s name. 

So I ran outside and called my grandma to ask her if she knew the other name on the book, the from person.  She said, well yes, that was my Sunday school teacher, why?  I told her about the book I found and what it said.  She wondered how Memaw got it.

Isn’t it crazy how small of a world we live in?

This book could just as easily have wound up in someone else’s possession but nope, it was in my MIL’s possession.

Memaw let me take it to my grandma.  But really, how cool is that!

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