9.11 Never Forget!

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This is a photo of a photo since I don’t have my scanner available right now (sorry for the quality)

10 years ago today was a Tuesday.  My roommate’s alarm went off like usual on Tuesday mornings way before I had to wake up and she always set it to go off LOUD!  and then she would sleep through it.  I got annoyed and started grumbling at her to shut off her dumb alarm and then put on my shoes and stumbled my way to the bathroom (community bathrooms in the dorm).  As I was walking back to my bedroom to go back to bed I remember hearing Tom Brokaw’s voice very loud booming down the hallway and knew that wasn’t a good sign.  I took off walking down the hallway to figure out where it was coming from and what was wrong.  I walked into a girl named Jessie’s room and turned around and sat on her bed as I was asking her what was happening and just then I witnessed via the tv the second tower being hit.  I seriously thought it was a bad joke so I asked her what was happening as I sat there in a daze watching the TV.  10 years later and I still remember where I was and how I felt about the news.  Where were you?  Do you still remember?

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  1. will never forget, I was doing comunity home care and seeing seniors in the comunity .The fear and davastation on those peoples faces!I wound up sitting for longer with a few.We had our own personal tradgedy that day unrelated to the American devastation, but all of it together will be etched in my mind always

  2. I remember thinking it was a commercial for a movie and not a news report. Many are so realistic now.
    And then my oldest boy called from work and told me it was true.

  3. I was just telling Rich this afternoon…it was a Tuesday. WHy on earth do I remember that??? I thought a building was demolished. Then I caught the seriousness and realized what it was. I started to cry. I froze. I was scared. Our nation was under attack. My husband was at work–on a military base that was moved from a “Alpha” basically means nothing is happening to Charlie or Delta. See…that I can't remember. Tuesday I can. I remember thinking the Penn flight was a hoax and being horrified when I learned it was not.

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