See, I told ya :)

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Remember this post, where I told you my car was still dirty… The rain wasn’t my fault!

I’m not sure if I’m proud to announce it or not, but my car is still dirty….

Anyway moving on….

So the other morning when it sprinkled, it wasn’t even enough to settle the dust, which is both good and bad.  Bad because then I had to water my garden which is almost a lost cause, but Good because the hay didn’t get wet and we got it baled!


So Sunday hubby and {step}daughter brought the bales in out of the field.

So you drive to the bale you want to pick up.

Lower your bale spear and back into the bale.

Raise up the bale and take off to the stack.

About this time, wife realizes when looking at the photos she has her white balance set wrong… shucks!  Change setting quickly and go back to snapping photos!

About this time you get spotted…

Something about this photo intrigues me.  It’s so… what’s the word… intriguing…

Now you swing around beside the bale row.

And back your bale into the rest of the stack.

Once you’re about there, you lower the bale spear so the bale sits level with the others.

Once you’ve lowered it completely, slowly drive out of the bale and go after the next.

I would also like to report that after they were finished they ran to town after a few groceries and I stayed home to clean our house.  I guess while they were in town hubby decided to wash his vehicle… and wouldn’t you know, it poured!  We didn’t get much in the way of rain accumulation, but it poured.  See I told you I didn’t cause it!

And of course my car was under the carport, so it’s still dirty.  I really need to wash it!  But that’s beside the point 🙂

Oh and in case anyone was wanting to get me a birthday present… My birthday is exactly 1 month from yesterday… I was born the end July (2 more days and it would have been August).  In fact it was raining the day I was born.  I was 2 weeks late.  The doctor had my mom come in for a check up and said, well we can induce now or I’m going on vacation next week and if you go into labor, you’ll have to use the on-call doctor.  I kid you not, my mom said, “Well it’s raining so we can’t go to the hayfield, I guess let’s go have a kid instead.”  Yes, I could have been born in a hayfield apparently 🙂

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  1. Haha. Happy Birthday to you, too!
    I wondered how they did that with those big bales. Now I know.
    Thanks for that.

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

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