Project Postponed

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Project is postponed… We are headed to Ft. Worth this coming weekend and figured since we were going to a huge horse show, the NCHA futurity, it would be better to save horse for then. This weekend we had Tbug. Friday night we went and visited the Racine Christian Church, they had a live outdoor Nativity walk. It was a lot of fun, just really cold. If we go next year we will wear insulated bibs and parkas :). Prince Charming’s mom went with us. Tbug got to pet a live camel. I think that really excited her. After that, we went home. It took us probably 2 hours of sitting just to be able to walk through. Saturday she spent the day with Memaw playing with the puppies that Cowgirl had until Memaw had to go to work. She then dropped her by our house. We wrapped presents, cleaned house and did chores, and then went to visit my grandparents. After that, we headed to Prince Charming’s sister, Liss, house. Tbug played with Dill Pickle and watched movies and we played rock band. We thought that we needed a new tradition of Christmas family photos. Prince Charming, Tbug and I got our photo. I really like how it turned out!

Of course, Dill Pickle thought he needed to be in the photo, it was funny. We got some photos of them “hamming” it up also.

One thing about it, I’ve learned that Tbug loves to draw, color, anything artsy. That is one thing she might need someday, Art lessons b/c me, yeah I can barely draw a stick figure. It sure is beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas everywhere I go. I love this time of year but I swear I need to move to Arizona. I’m not a cold-weather person. It is taking a toll on my hands and my face and every part of me, I swear. I am however getting excited about Christmas. I love buying gifts for people, especially when they aren’t expecting it and they really will like what I get them. Most years I try to start a little early however this year I bought one for Prince Charming starting in September. I’m not so much into having to wait this long. I’m so ready to see the look on his face. He knows one present that I got him because I’m being nice, giving it stipulations, and allowing him to “use” them 2 weeks early. Then once we get back from Ft. Worth, well they get wrapped and under the tree. I got lucky and have all presents bought. I’d like to find a couple more for Tbug, going to look once we are in Ft. Worth. I love Ft. Worth, my favorite place in the world. There and Chicago and New York City. Ok well, I guess I’ll quit rambling for this time and we’ll see you next time 🙂

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