Day Trips

Yesterday we went to Kansas City. Why? Just cause pretty much. Karen had things she wanted to return to the Duluth Trading Company store up there and I like to go to Kansas City. I decided while we were there though I needed to twist her arm and go to the Farmer’s Market. They have the best Farmer’s Market up there.

Hubby makes the best candied jalapeños and that’s the best place to get them. We wound up buying 20# of jalapeños. Luckily we were planning on making jalapeños quickly because we had to take a few that were almost past where we should have been buying them, but hubby wanted 20# and we got him 20#’s.

I also giggled while at Duluth because most of the vehicles in the parking lot were trucks, mine included. 😆

Monroe/West Monroe, Louisiana: Farmer’s Market, Duck Commander, Duck & Dressing, NE LA Children’s Museum

Wow, our first full day in Louisiana was Tuesday. Now I mentioned that Monroe and West Monroe are just separated by the Ouachita River so we were back and forth over the river.

Our first stop was the West Monroe Farmer’s Market. (1700 N. 7th St. West Monroe, Louisiana). We decided we needed to hit up the Farmer’s Market first thing in the morning so all the good stuff wasn’t taken :).