The Saturday Post {87}

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Top 5 Posts of the Week
1. 365 – Midmonth photos 62-76

2. 1 Year Anniversary Post

3. It’s a Platinum Party!

4. Project 365 – January – Photos 123-153

5. Happy (belated) My Grandma’s Birthday to You

This Weeks Posts
Project 365 – January – Photos 123-153
It’s a Platinum Party!
Happy (belated) My Grandma’s Birthday to You

Blast from the Past
2014 – There wasn’t one…. dun dun dun
2013 – Wardrobe Malfunction
2012 – A Carrot, an Egg & a Cup of Coffee
2011 – Sometimes you feel like a nut…
2010 – Nope, notta…

Recipes made from the Blog This Week
Chocolate Chip Cookies {Lindsay’s Cookie Porn Recipe}

Week’s Happenings
++I had a stressful week.
++Superbowl Sunday. As a reminder, Patriots won :).
++Saturday the shop we dive with went ScubaPro Platinum. Baby girl made their facebook page!!
++I started TurboFire
++It snowed on Wednesday with a low in the 20’s and today is supposed to be a high of 71. Crazy weather!
++I really wanted cookies this week… I may or may not have made cookies.
++My SIL had her baby.
++It was the anniversary of my grandma’s birthday.
++I finally got my hair cut. It’s been 10 months and I needed it bad. She verified that yes I do have gray/white hair coming in but not nearly as many as hubby leads me to believe.
++It’s a Tbug weekend.

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