Kellie Pickler Concert on Friday the 13th…. spooky? NOPE!

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So for the last couple weeks I heard on the radio that Kellie Pickler was going to be in concert at Buffalo Run Casino. Now I really wasn’t much of a Kellie Pickler fan until I saw her on Dancing with the Stars last season and from what I can tell, she’s very down to earth and I just love her. 

So I had hubby find out how much tickets were just because I was nosey and next thing I knew, we had tickets for Friday night.

I didn’t get a picture of her microphone but it was shiny and pretty!

The cool thing was it was standing room, so as you got there, you just chose where you stood. We got fairly close to the stage. The sad part was there were some drunk girls who jumped right in front of us/beside us and the gal was using me as a leaning post most of the night. Oy! Oh and I almost wore most of her drink. I’m fairly certain she was drunk before she ever got there.

But let’s not focus on those weirdo’s… let’s focus on Kelly!

She’s a little thing, holy cow! And look at those heels. They aren’t Red High Heels, but don’t worry, she sang the song!

Definitely worth going to her concert. It was a great way to end a strenuous week too!

And the sad thing is, she should have had that room packed and it wasn’t. This girl can sing!

Ok, so isn’t he cute? I’m so glad he took me there. Thank you baby!

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0 thoughts on “Kellie Pickler Concert on Friday the 13th…. spooky? NOPE!

  1. Don't you just hate being at a show when drunk people ruin it?? Happened to us at Bluesfest and Chad Brownlee… work so hard to get close, then the drunk people get in the way. *sigh*
    Sounds like you still had a great time!! Love her!!

  2. Any concert is a good one in my opinion. I don't think I've ever heard any of her music, but I'll youtube her. I'm more of a rock and roll gal lol However I love it that someone else spells their name with an IE instead of a Y.

  3. Glad to hear that Kellie Pickler is still around. Her appeal was more in her personality for me. The fact she's kept her commitments to music only increases, and even enriches that appeal. That was probably quite a show you attended. Hopefully, it hasn't done too much of a number on your eardrums, heh. Not the singing, so much as the cheering and yelling, which was probably going on.

    Darren @ Ear Peace

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