St. Louis Bound

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Hubby and I had plans to head to St. Louis on Monday, however, as a last-minute decision, we decided to head up on Saturday.  We went to TB’s birthday party and then headed out toward St. Louis.  St. Louis may not have been our original planned trip, but I’m sooooo glad we went there.  You’d be surprised what this city, that feels like it’s in my back yard (about 4 1/2 hrs away), has to offer.  It was amazing and crazy!

I just so happened to catch my birthday… 7:30 at night with the outside temp at 83 degrees.  7/30/83 🙂

It’s great heading up I-44 and seeing the Arch off in the distance.

It was a lot of fun getting closer and closer even.  I had been to St. Louis 3 times prior but never to the extent that we were there.



I got so excited seeing the Arch that I quit paying attention to the GPS directions to help hubby and we wound up missing a turn to our hotel.

Now everyone says to steer clear of East St. Louis and wouldn’t you know, because I wasn’t helping hubby navigate roads and I got us on the wrong one, we wound up in East St. Louis.  I didn’t feel any harm toward us, although it was a bit strange to see bars on all the windows…

We finally made it to our first hotel.  Our first hotel for the trip was the Hampton Inn.  This hotel had the absolute best location for sightseeing in Downtown St. Louis around the Arch.

Our room.  Please ignore my luggage and I really thought I got better photos, but sadly, these are the two I got…

But this was our view.

We had a fabulous view of the Arch and downtown.  One interesting thing we learned about St. Louis was no building can be taller than the Arch.  Some will look taller, but they aren’t.

This was the night we went to eat at  TIGÍN Irish Pub & Restaurant – St. Louis, MO.


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  1. That is an amazing hotel room view! So did you go up in the arch? I have been to St. Louis once and we went and walked around the arch but didn't go up in it, i think the lines were super long or too much cost, I was just a senior in high school visiting a friend at the time, so can't remember why we didn't go up in it.

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