The All-American Ruben

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As I told you recently, my husband LOVES Rubens.  Well, we can’t always just hop on a plane and head toward Las Vegas for the best Ruben.  I’m not going to lie, Swiss Cheese isn’t my favorite, however, a good Ruben (with other cheese possibly) sometimes hits the spot!

So here is our homemade take on an American Classic – The Ruben.

Rye Bread
Swiss Cheese {We use Baby Swiss, seems more mellow}
Thousand Island Dressing {Kraft has a new “Anything” Dressings Out we used this time.}
Sour Kraut {We use Libby’s Crispy Sour Kraut}
Corned Beef

We warm the Sour Kraut in a separate sauce pan.  One you place it in the sandwich, it helps heat the inside of the sandwich.

Butter one side of your Rye Bread and place in a skillet, butter side down, over medium to medium high heat.  Place a layer of Corned Beef.  Then the Swiss Cheese.  Next comes the Thousand Island dressing.  Finally top off with Sour Kraut.  Butter another slice of Rye bread, place on top butter side out.

Brown both sides until you have your desired doneness.

Serve with your favorite side dish and enjoy!!

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