Our Story Part 31 {new}

Back in 2010 just before I got married I was sitting around one day and started thinking about the journey that hubby and I had been on that lead us to getting engaged and everything that lead to that day that we said “I Do.” As I thought of the story I started writing it out. If you’re new to these parts, you’ll definitely want to get caught up on the back story and click on this link will take you to a post containing all the previous links. Then one day earlier this year I read back through those posts and started thinking again. The more that came to me, the more I wanted to get this story written out so I didn’t forget.

So here’s the next step in the story of my husband and me. This post has been sitting around for a while waiting for me to hit publish, and today marks the 6th anniversary of my husband and my first date. That seemed like the best time to hit publish.


PC proposed to me at 10:15 that morning. He stuck around for about 20 minutes or so and then eventually went back out to his truck. Once noon rolled around I went out and met him so that we could go to lunch together. He made the comment that he had contacted my boss to plan this whole event out so that I wouldn’t get in trouble. He also said he wished he’d have thought to ask for me to have the rest of the day off. He also thought it would have been nice if my boss would have just told me to take the rest of the day off, but he didn’t so we just went to lunch.


Our First Night Apart

This blog is for a lot of things and one thing is to document our life together. My husband and I have experienced a lot of things together and it is so much fun to sit down and take a gander back. Now obviously not everything is on here because with every blog, there is a certain part of your life you don’t share… But here’s a sharing moment.

Monday night was hubby and my first night away from Baby Squirrel (or baby girl, whichever). Here’s how it started:

A week ago Tuesday I turned in a rough draft on one of my papers for Research Methods. It’s about The Rape of the Lock, a poem by Alexander Pope, but that’s beside the point (one last point… I’m not crazy about that poem.. okay done now). I had to go into the school early on Tuesday, earlier than normal for a conference on my paper so I made arrangements for my mom to take baby girl a bit earlier so that I could make it to the school on time.

So Monday when I picked baby girl up from my grandma (her great grandma) hubby and I had plans to meet up at my parents when he got off work. We had discussed it the night before about seeing if mom and dad wanted a sleep over with baby girl, so that I could have Tuesday to work on some homework. He didn’t think I could do it…

So I walked into my parent’s house on Monday and asked my mom to tell me if she didn’t want to, but would she be able to have a sleep over with baby girl and hubby would pick her up on Tuesday night like normal.

You’d have thought I gave my mom a million dollars. She told me she thought wouldn’t get the option until baby girl was in high school and could make her own decisions.

Before hubby and I left my parents house I hugged and kissed and hugged and kissed baby girl. Mom said she felt like she was prying baby girl away from me. Then I handed her to my mom, one last kiss and left for the evening. Told my parents if they needed anything to holler, I’d be over in a heart beat and I don’t speed. lol. Then I left.

Don’t worry, I cried pretty much all the way home and even once I got home.


The Woman of His Dreams

~How would you describe the woman of your dreams?
She is a loving wife, a Great mother, and her name is Nicole W

~What do you wish your wife understood about you and your longings?
I wish my wife knew how much I love her. I wish she understood how much she means to me.

~What does your wife do well that other women could learn from?
She loves me like no other could. She documents our lives through her blog and through photography.

~What has been the greatest struggle in your marriage?
Communication… we communicate pretty well however most struggles are due to misunderstandings in communication.

~How could your wife help alleviate that problem?
Understand how much I love her.

~What is one thing you wish women understood about what a man wants in the woman of his dreams?
Men are very simple… from the time we are born we want to be loved by the women that are most important in our lives. we may act like hard A$$es but inside we are like giant giant teddy bears… SQUEEZE us and when you do great shall be your reward.

I love my wife more than she could ever possibly understand.

Fiance – 2010
First anniversary – 2011
Second Anniversary – 2012
Third Anniversary – 2013

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I LOVE This Man

Oh goodness, have you ever been pregnant before? Pregnancy brain is a real thing but those hormones. I can be a nice loving sweet person one minute and I swear the demon in me comes out the next. Please oh please tell me I’m not the only one!!!

So these last couple weeks have been extremely stressful. I hurt in places I didn’t know you could hurt. I’m sick of the phrase, “I don’t feel good.” In fact I’ve had to start giving hubby some sort of a description on what doesn’t feel good because I swear that phrase comes out of my mouth every 2 seconds at times.

Pregnancy wasn’t made for me. Oy! But this boy, he’s been a trouper.

He puts up with me when I’m not even sure I can put up with myself. The other night for example, I pretty much went from 10pm until 2am on no sleep and then I threw a fit because I was so tired. He woke up, turned the fan on (it was hot that night), suggested I go take a quick shower, let me put my head on his chest and I slept for 3 hours straight. First time that night I made it past like 20-30 minutes of sleep.

Yes, I had to get up and go to school but he had to get up and go to work. Monday’s are my easier days so I got to take a nap. He didn’t. Then when I had issues with our home internet and my homework he suggested I go relax in the tub for a few minutes, take a nap and then try the internet again.

Last night I slept for a while and then woke up miserable again. Little girl has been camping out on my right hip to the point I don’t feel much of my leg other than extreme pain, especially in my hip and knee. I woke up a little grumbly and he rolled over told me where his chest was, I put my head on his chest and I was out again.

He has been a trouper through all of this. I couldn’t ask for a better husband. We’ve had our arguments, don’t think it’s been balloons and roses or anything but at the end of the day I wouldn’t trade him for the world. He’s there for me and has supported me through all of this! Thank you Dear God for putting this man back in my life! You knew what you were doing!

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Valentine's Day 2014

Ah, yes, Valentine’s Day. That was an “interesting” day to say the least….. First off, let me say that if people don’t know my husband and I love each other, well you need to open your eyes :). But I do like the holiday. I know people call it a Hallmark greeting holiday, but whatever… After January I’m ready for a little sprucing up if nothing else 🙂 and that’s just what Valentine’s Day offers :).

So Valentine’s Day morning I woke up and thought I would make pancakes. The night before we’d talked about eating pancakes on Saturday morning but they sounded good so I figured why not. Well I thought I’d make Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes… sadly I either didn’t know or forgot that hubby isn’t crazy about oatmeal. Dang it! Then when I went to make the pancakes, well, I got a little heavy on the pouring and yeah…… look :(.

I wound up scrapping a few batches and still wound up doing that. Oy! Not my morning to make pancakes, that’s for sure!

Hubby got my present for me a few weeks ago. Love them! I’d been wanting a pair of Sperry’s for over a year now but too cheap to buy them and he finally “made” me get a pair :).

Hubby really likes Lucky You for Men body wash but was having difficulty finding it. I went on Amazon one day trying to figure out what I might get him for V-day and stumbled across the body wash so I ordered one in case it wasn’t the right stuff. Score, it was!

I also got him a funny present. I got him an ice scraper both for the car and his truck. Long story!

Hubby then went to work and I went to school. As I was walking to class I noticed Gus (the gorilla) messing the with the motorcycles out in front of the building and there were 2 guys with him. One had an iPhone for pictures and the other had a camera. Then I realized Gus was giving out Valentine’s cards because I received one :). He asked if I would be his Valentine but I told him only if he had his picture taken with me… lol. I cracked up laughing when they said, “Okay now French Kiss.”

When I got out of class I met my parents for lunch at Culvers. Yum! and I didn’t eat my dad’s food this time, double score! Last time we ate there I grabbed the wrong burger :(. #fail!

Then later in the day I met back up with hubby. He was like I have a surprise for you. It was actually a joint Valentine’s Day present for the both of us…. A new (new to us, we bought it off a friend) underwater camera for scuba diving.

He tried to make us reservations but most places that took reservations weren’t for Valentine’s Day weekend. We got to a restaurant about 5:15 and there was already over an hour wait so I told him, let’s just go home. We decided to get Chinese and sweet teas from Sonic so one got one, the other stopped for the other :). When I got home I carried all my stuff into the house and then went to the bathroom. I heard hubby walk in and he wasn’t happy so I went and put my shoes on and went outside to see what happened…. Remember how our dogs like to eat packages? Well he had a small rose bush with a box of chocolates and a small teddy bear sent to the house for me and the puppies ate it. I found the bear in one piece, just covered in mud. I washed it and he’s all better! The rose bush was fine too but the chocolates were ALL GONE. oh well. It was a sad day! We ate dinner and then watched 13 Going On 30.

About halfway through we decided to finish that in bed. While I was waiting for him to come in the room, I checked my email and saw one from the school threatening to drop me from a class because they thought I was an undergraduate taking a graduate level course. I just about panicked and freaked out. I just said, well that’s the icing on the cake for the day… lol.

It wasn’t a bad day, just another day.

Saturday we decided to do a Take 2. We got up Saturday morning and made reservations at Zio’s for dinner. Hubby went to help my dad haul hay during the day and I sat around the house waiting for Memaw to bring Tbug to our house. Turns out hubby got her at Memaw’s so I jumped in the car and headed over to pick hubby up. Dad didn’t have luck with the hay trailer because we wound up blowing a tire on it. We got him fixed up and home, got hubby home and showered and off to Springfield we went.

Zio’s was good!

From there we went to Target and Babies-R-Us just to look around and wound up getting Peanut a monkey. Tbug strapped the Monkey in and let him share her sweet tea, lol.

Then we headed for home. I guess I was a bit sad that Valentine’s Day wasn’t “perfect” but you know what, it was perfect. It was our kind of perfect! That’s all that matters :).

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Why We Work

So Bonnie introduced this blog topic yesterday and I thought, I should do this… Why We Work. Like every couple, my husband and I have a strange and weird past that included each other as friends for a while, we went our separate ways and made our place in the world and then we came back to each other. I guess what they say is true,

We compliment each other.
We both have our strengths and our weaknesses but we never see them, instead we work with each other to help complete that circle.

We aren’t each others missing half.
Say what? Well think about it, I am a complete person without him. I can function by myself with or without him. He’s the same way, but having each other in our lives just makes life that much more fun and interesting.

We are sooooooo weird, together.
I’m not kidding, we are both weird. We just look at each others weirdness and laugh. We accept each other for everything that we are and everything we aren’t.

We fight.
Come on, every couple fights. We try to fight fair, but not always. Some days we both fall into childish behavior but at the end of the day there is no one else I’d rather fight with.

He is my best friend.
I can’t wait to tell him about my day. Sometimes I have to call him during the day to tell him how frustrated I am or how happy I am. We laugh together, cry together and console each other. That’s what best friends are there for, to help you get through the good times and the bad.

We share everything.
Especially colds but I’m really thinking we could do without sharing colds…. I’m just saying :). We might even be accused of oversharing with each other sometimes but whatever it is what keeps things interesting!

We work really on so many levels that it is hard to single them all out, just know we’re there for each other no matter what. That’s what you need in a spouse (significant other) anyway! Someone you can’t wait to run home and tell everything about your day. Someone you’re willing to be goofy with. Someone who compliments you. I found that in him!

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Drop the ring in the spaghetti plate

Okay so I should come clean about something… I have my moments where I’m sappy! I know fairy-tails don’t exist but that doesn’t keep a girl from still loving the sweet sappy stories. Yep, sometimes it gets me in trouble but whatever, I deal :). So one thing that I’ve always liked was for a guy to be nervous when he proposes. Does that mean I had to have that, no but I soooooo thought it would be awesome if he was :). I also said I didn’t want to know the proposal was coming.

I think what started my obsession (good word) for this whole being nervous was Kenny Chesney. I know there are other artists out there who refer to this, but he has 2 different songs, one refers to dropping the ring in the spaghetti plate and the other talks about being down on one knee on her momma’s front porch.

My husband exceeded all my expectations when it came to proposing to me from throwing me off the night before saying he still hadn’t asked my dad to actually showing up at my work and proposing. It was my fairy-tail.

Now one thing I’ve probably addressed before with our proposal was he bought me flowers even though I’d told him not to. I had to go to the front of my office building to get them which was quite a distance from my desk and that gave my mom time to get him into my cubical to set up. I called him while still up at the front of the building to “grumble” at him for the flowers (not really but we’ll pretend).

He had the ringer turned on on his phone and when it went off he threw the ring while trying to get the ringer turned off on his phone. The ringer was set specifically for me so it would have given him away.

With that knowledge, I realized that he was nervous! I got the nervous part of my fairy-tail. Now if only they would have caught that on film :). How awesome is that though? He was nervous and dropped the ring :).


Deck the Halls {And a Surprise, don't miss it}

At our house, our Christmas tree is kind of like a living Christmas tree.  I don’t mean we have a real tree because we don’t.  And D the Man told me that fake tree fake presents, but we have a fake tree, and real presents.  Just saying.

No what I mean is we collect ornaments every year that actually represent our lives/family every year.  Trips, big monument things, etc.  Sadly I think our tree is 6′ and we almost have it full.  There are a few ornaments from when I was younger that I could take off if I needed to, but I don’t want to… so for now they stay :).  Maybe one year we’ll have to have 2 trees but I’m not sure where we’ll put them.

Now in my kitchen up toward the ceiling I have these rack things.  They were there when we moved in, I just repainted them, but still, when we buy ornaments I actually place them up on these hooks so that come Christmas I remember what I did with them.  That’s what works for us.  Sometimes we misplace things otherwise :(.

Now I told you back in September we got a cat.  Hmmm cats and trees could be dangerous so three weeks ago, that would be about 3 weeks before Thanksgiving… we put the tree up.  It wasn’t decorated but it was put up to tempt the cat to see what she did.

Although I can’t say tooooo much because I never took the mistletoe down last year.  Nope, it stayed up all year long.  Reasons to kiss hubby, right?

So anyway… Kitty really only was upset because we moved things around, aka a side table and moved the couch.  She hates change.  Otherwise soo good so far, knock on wood!

We try to make it a point to decorate our tree while Tbug is around.  We knew that we had to get it done this weekend, otherwise it would be Christmas when the tree got decorated if we waited for her.  So Saturday night we sat down and decorated the tree.

We have a prelit tree but we noticed that some of the lights weren’t working so hubby decided to get a few strands of lights and put on the tree anyway.  We did colored and white lights to add color and flare to the tree.

Last year we did an old cowboy hat for the tree topper but I didn’t like it so much so I asked hubby if we could get a tree topper this year.  None of them at the store really impressed me, but we went ahead and got this one anyway because it was the cutest of them all.

This summer we spent the weekend in Branson right before our 4th of July party.  We went and Rode the Ducks so we got an ornament to commemorate that.  2 weekends ago we were driving back to Branson for the weekend and I opened up my glove compartment in the car and actually found the ornament.  See, this is WHY I hang them all in the kitchen, so I don’t forget, misplace or lose them.

When hubby and I went to St. Louis this summer, we were also able to attend a St. Louis Cardinals game, so we went and got ornaments from both places.

We always try to get a family ornament.  This year we got 3, one that represented each of us.

To add to mine here…. perfectly fitting we all thought.

When my parents went to Hawaii this fall, they brought this one back for me.

I have no idea about this ornament.  It was hanging in the kitchen…

And our Kansas City Chiefs, holla!

I told you our kitty doesn’t like change.  She really wasn’t enjoying our decorating of the tree….

So then the very last new ornament that we have so far….  It might just help explain a bit of my absence over the last few weeks (other than school kicking my arse)

Yes, you are reading that correctly.  Hubby and I are expecting Peanut the end of next June.  I’m currently 9 weeks.  I have back dated blog posts following this weird journey and I’ll let you know when they post.  I have to add pictures to them yet, but if you’re interested, I’ll let you know when they’re up.

So anyway, here is our Christmas tree both with lights on in the house and with lights off.  Bring on the Christmas season (and the last week of classes plus finals!)

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The Husbandator’s Birthday

So Friday was hubby’s birthday.  Sadly I had to attend class, especially since I had a test in HEL (History of the English Language) so I didn’t get to spend extra time with him.  I’m glad though that D the Man, JT, CL & AL were able to take him to lunch.  He works from home on Friday’s so he was able to meet up with them for a quick bite.

On top of the test that I had on Friday, I had a paper due by 6pm on Saturday.  No normally we don’t have work due on Saturday’s, the teacher was being nice and gave us an extension.  But the point is, after I got done at school I went and met D the Man so he could help me start writing this paper.  No it isn’t his job or anything to help me, but I was struggling and he offered to help.

Tbug has cheer on Friday nights so I stayed and worked on my paper until it was time to go pick her up.  Toward the end I was talking about having to run to Wal-mart to get a different bag for hubby’s present because the one I got wasn’t big enough for the present.  D the Man gave me some brown paper and said, here will this work?  I said, heck yeah so I wrapped the present in the brown paper.  When I was finished he took it from me and did a wrapping job of his own.