Molten Lava Cakes

Earlier this summer I was so excited when I found this Baking challenge… except, it let me down. Okay, I’ll explain. I was really looking for a reason to get excited about baking. I was also looking at finding new things to bake. Something to learn or a new recipe to try that may be different than what I already bake or something, right? Isn’t that the fun of a challenge? To learn something new… That’s what I thought…

So I was so excited to see September 1 come around. That meant something new on Sally’s Baking Challenge, except I was sorely let down. It was decorating a cupcake. Seriously? I’ve been working on making and decorating cupcakes already. I’ve had cake decorating classes. Decorating with icing and tips is nothing new to me. I wanted a challenge. And all she was doing was decorating a cupcake to look like a sunflower. You choose your own cupcake recipe. Well crap.


Five Problems with Social Media | Blogging 30

I think at one point or another we’re all addicted to social media. And while there are good things about social media… there are bad things too! Yikes!

5 Problems with Social Media

  1. You lose personal touch with friends. You’re so busy trying to keep up with the Jones’ for lack of better explanation that you spend all your time in social media land instead of actually communicating with your friends verbally. Everyone wants lots of followers and at times they are just meaningless relationships. You lose out on your physical relationships.
  2. People get cocky behind a computer screen. They’ll type anything they want, especially anonymously without fear of consequences. People get flat out rude on social media. I’m not sure they would say those things to a person’s face.
  3. There are so many platforms for different social media that you have to learn this one only to learn a new one to eventually learn a new one. And while you should spend your time learning something new every day… don’t you think there are better things you could learn?
  4. They are addicting. And on top of that… they are a total waste of time. Geez.
  5. They make you feel inadequate. You spend all your time comparing yourself to other people and feeling sorry for yourself. These are just snippets of people’s lives. You have no idea what their actual life is like.

There are a lot of good reasons and things that come from social media, but there is a lot of bad too. I guess just weigh the pros and cons and go for it.

If you want to join in on the Blogging 30, here is the list of topics! Please leave me a link below if you’re joining in. I want to follow along on your journey!!





Peaches and Cream Cupcakes

Okay guys, first off, I need to mention… I have an odd number of photos. Yes, there are 11 photos. For some reason I hate odd numbers. I think it is because I prefer symmetry instead of asymmetrical things. Sigh! Two… wait for the rest of this post because seriously. I’m still shaking my head! Finally, happy September. Now that it’s September, can I put my Christmas tree up yet?!?! You think I’m kidding? I’m really not…. Sadly…

Truth… Prior to a couple years ago, I’d never used farm fresh eggs. Yes, I grew up on a farm. No, we didn’t raise chickens. No one I knew raised chickens. We used store bought eggs. And truthfully… farm fresh eggs kind of freaked me out. I don’t know why? I can’t explain it. It is/was just a weird quirk with me. I say was because….. Those eggs above, are farm fresh. Yes, y’all I’ve been using Farm Fresh eggs. Truth number 2 right here… I hardly ever say y’all when speaking, but I will type it. Another thing I can’t explain.


Blogging 30

I can’t help myself… I feel the need, the want, the drive, to blog. I think we all go through dry spells. Those moments when we aren’t sure we have anything to say, or we’re not sure if we like what we do have to say.

A couple years ago a friend posted this challenge on Facebook. I saved it. I don’t get credit for it… but I’m going to take the 30 day writing challenge.

I’ll post the topics here. If you want to join in, please by all means do. And if you join in, DEFINITELY let me know so I can come read your posts. I’d love to see your ideas for these topics!

KC Chiefs Helmets & Flip Flops {Sugar Cookie 8-12}

Hey, guys, I mentioned my Sugar Cookie Challenge… Well, I’ve been busy at it. The pictures above are Sugar Cookie orders 8-12. One order of 3 dozen, and 2 orders of 1 dozen apiece. Four of those 5 dozen were specifically KC Chiefs Helmets, the other 1 dozen order was… whatever. So I chose Flip Flops.

Now here’s something interesting about this particular batch of cookies… Earlier this year when I was still “studying” sugar cookies, I bought a book. Wow, what a concept. By the way, it was a hardback book versus a kindle book. I love the feel and smell of real books! There’s something ever so sweet about that.


Hurricane Harvey

#Repost @borntopharm (@get_repost) ・・・ A few thoughts that have been on my ❤ all day. The flooding & devastation in Texas is unfathomable. It’s catastrophic & so many people have lost everything. The flooding is only expected to get worse as the rain isn’t predicted to let up until Thursday. It’s great to see my news feed filled with “Pray for Texas” posts. It’s awesome to see people supporting those affected & offering up prayers! It’s absolutely true that the people of Texas need prayers right now, & I’m not discounting anyone’s posts related to that. However, how often do we post, “Pray for ________” and then don’t actually take a moment and thoughtfully pray for the things the people of our post need? I know I’m guilty of this. I’m not telling anyone how or what they should pray for. I’m simply asking you to take time to sit without distractions & offer up your thoughts & prayers for everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. Then, what if we all take things a step further & put our prayers into action? I believe, by doing this, big things & miracles will happen! If you think about it, someone in Texas is praying to be rescued, someone is praying for shelter, for food, for medicine, for clothing, for water, for someone to find their pet, for strength to go out on another rescue call, for a hug, & for someone to tell them, “it will be ok.” When you put your prayers into action, YOU can be the answer to THEIR prayers! How awesome is it to think about it that way?! If you’re called to help, then put that call into action! If you’re able to go to Texas, do that. If you can’t, then find something you can do where you are. Take up clothing or food donations, or donate to a relief organization. Everyone can do SOMETHING, no matter how small. Small efforts completed by many people add up to BIG results! So yes, pray for Texas, the people of Texas, and all of the people affected by Hurricane Harvey. Then, I encourage you to follow up that prayer with action, because you don’t know how many people in Texas are praying for YOU to be the answer to their prayers right now. Relief options:

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If you’ve been anywhere that news has been reported or even around people, you know that Hurricane Harvey hit Houston hard. I’m sitting here this morning in my chair, I posted a funny photo on Instagram about how my coffee pot wouldn’t work, yet there are those who are sleeping on counters, rooftops, and just totally displaced from their home.

There are news stories, media coverage, videos, photos, you name it, it’s out there of the devastation that has hit Houston. With the state of the country and how we are so torn apart, it is funny to see how people don’t worry about race, sex, agenda, political stance, anything when it comes to rescuing people. It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, purple, green, hairy, male, female, democrat, republican, it doesn’t matter. When there is devastation in this country, people come running to help everyone.

We saw this when the Oklahoma City bombing happened in 95, the World Trade towers fell in 01, the Joplin Tornado happened in 2011. These tragedies bring us together. Our country unites as one. We become One Nation Under God. And you can sit there and say, why does God allow these things to happen? Well, that is something most of us can’t really explain. We have ideas and beliefs as to why, but it is something we just can’t explain. But one thing is for sure, we know that God is there.


7 Marriage Advice Tips

In 7 days it will be 7 years. And, that lighting makes me look like I have a mustache? I mustache why… ha!

Almost 7 years. Do I have it all figured out? Do you want marriage advice? Yeah… I’m not sure I could give you any…

Why? Well obviously because

  1. Marriage is hard.
  2. Every marriage is different.
  3. It’s only been almost 7 years… I don’t have all the answers.
  4. Yeah….

I heard either just before I was planning my wedding, or maybe while I was planning my wedding to pay attention to the planning process. It would be an indication of how the marriage would go. What?

Planning our wedding was easy for the most part. We had a few hiccups. But most of that time, from the time he proposed to the actual wedding day, we felt like we were sitting around twiddling our thumbs wondering what we were forgetting.

  • Flowers… check
  • Photographer… check
  • Dress… check
  • Tuxes… check
  • Wedding hall…. check
  • House to live in… check

What were we forgetting? Seriously, what were we forgetting? Turns out, we had all our t’s dotted and our i’s crossed… or something like that.

So here’s the advice I can give you….

Nicole’s Marriage Advice


Lunchroom Lady Brownies

One day last week, I had a rough day. Nothing terrible went wrong per say, just it wasn’t a good day. Again… I’d take it over a really bad day any day of the week, but still. Hmm…… I wonder how many more times I can say day in this paragraph… Anyway, like I was saying before I got off on the day tangent, it just wasn’t a spectacular day. Enter in…

Lunchroom Lady Brownies.

It’s back to school in these parts. I was looking at all the back to school photos on Facebook. I was wondering if I’ve screwed up by not putting Abug in Preschool this fall. She’s only 3. But she is 3. back and forth. Round and round I went. Where I stopped, well feeling lousy about myself. I’m still not sure how I feel about the situation, but we won’t dwell on that another day…. at this point anyway.


The 2017 Totality Solar Eclipse, Were you there?

She wanted to be a part. I kept a close eye on her. And no, I didn’t look up without glasses. Neither did she.

I can remember seeing on Facebook (good old Facebook) months ago that they were predicting this Total Solar Eclipse. I have to say, I didn’t know it would get blown up nearly like it did… This last week leading up to the solar eclipse people were worried that they didn’t get their solar eclipse glasses and were worried because would the weather be okay and worried because…. Because where would they go to see the full effect, etc.

I remember back in 5th grade (I may date myself here) that there was a solar eclipse. What I don’t remember was the time of year it happened. I just remember the teachers taking us out on to the school ground. The Science Teacher, Mrs. Ihm did a whole lesson on it. Etc, etc. That year (in 5th grade), we had a science fair. I remember doing my project on the solar eclipse. I made the pinhole box and used a flashlight to demonstrate my eclipse. Somewhere I even have pictures of that, but I can’t seem to find them. I did look. Just for this post or at least one similar to it.