And then I fell off…

Today is the last day of the Blog Every day in May… A Vivid Memory.

So it was the last weekend of April, Easter weekend.  The Youth season for qualifying for the AQHYA World Show runs May 1-April 30 of the next year.  So, this was the last show to qualify for the Youth World Nationally.  I was already qualified to represent the state, but I wanted to nationally qualify, that was my goal that year.  I was 1/2 point away from getting there and this was one last chance.  I was the last horse to show out of 10 horses which gave me the chance to win 1 1/2 points so all I had to do was place 3rd.  Generally no one wants to be first and no one wants to be last, but last has never scared me.  I went in and had one of the best 2 1/2 minutes of my life.  I walked out of the arena as the announcer said a score of 74.  I did it.  I nationally qualified with a point to spare.  I went to climb off China (The horse in the picture above. This was actually in Ada OK at the 4th of July blowout the same year) and my foot got caught in the stirrup and I fell off.  My dad was so excited for me that we were smiling and he was congratulating me until I fell off and then he asked if I’d ever ridden a horse before to which we all cracked up laughing. 

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This was the day…

Our Foal should have been born today.  Squirty’s due date was 2/19/2013.  No, it probably isn’t like a miscarriage in a family, however it still doesn’t hurt any less because not only did we lose our foal, we lost our Squirty too.  It’s been 5 months since Squirty passed away and the pain is still there.

Horses are very much a part of my family now as they always have been.  They’re kind of like brother’s and sisters to me, if that doesn’t sound too weird, which it obviously does so scratch that!

So today I thought I would share some facts about horses with you.

A Horse is measured in hands.  A hand is 4″.  So a horse that is 15 hands tall is 60″ tall or 5 feet tall.  The measurement is done from the ground on the front foot to the top point of the withers. 14.2 hands is the “traditional” cut off between horse and pony.

  • American Quarter Horse – Generally 14-16 hands but some can get as tall as 17 hands.
  • American Saddle Bread – Average 14-16 hands but can range from 14.2-17 hands
  • Arabian – 14.1-15.1 hands
  • Clydesdale – 16-18 hands

  • Andalusian – Males – 15.1 1/2 hands (61.5 inches or 156 cm), Females – 15 1/2 hands (60 inches, 152cm)
  • Friesian – 14.2-17 hands tall
  • Haflinger – 13.2-15 hands
  • Icelandic – 13-14 hands (which is pony size but they are referred to as horses)
  • Lipizzaner – 14.2-15.2 although horses bred closer to the original carriage-horse are taller, approaching 16.1
  • Missouri Fox Trotter – 14-16 hands
  • Morgan – 14.1-15.2 hands
  • Belgian – currently the tallest on record stands 19.31/2 hands tall 
  • Percheron – smallest of the Draft horses at 15.1-18.1 hands
  • Peruvian Paso – 14.1-15.1 hands
  • Tennessee Walking Horse – 13.2-17.2 hands
  • Thoroughbred – 15.2-17.0 hands averaging 16 hands
  • Welsh Pony – 11-16 hands
  • Shetland Pony –  7 hands (28 in/71cm) to the max of 11 hands (44inches/107cm)

    Males have 40 teeth but females have 36.
    Horses have the largest eye of any land animal.

    Their teeth take up more space in their head than their brain.

    They have better memories than elephants.

    They don’t have gallbladders.

    Horses cannot vomit.

    Horses teeth never stop growing.

    Horses have 16 muscles in each ear, allowing them to rotate their ears 180 degrees.

    When cantering (loping), a horse takes a breath with every stride.

    The walk is a four beat gate which means every foot hits the ground at separate times.

    A trot is a 2 beat gate meaning front left and right hind hit the ground at the same time, front right and hind left hit the ground at the same time.

    A lope (canter) is a three beat gate.  In the canter, one of the horse’s rear legs – the right rear leg, for example – propels the horse forward. During this beat, the horse is supported only on that single leg while the remaining three legs are moving forward. On the next beat the horse catches itself on the left rear and right front legs while the other hind leg is still momentarily on the ground. On the third beat, the horse catches itself on the left front leg while the diagonal pair is momentarily still in contact with the ground

    Race Horses have a triple crown made up of the Kentucky Derby (1 1/4 mile dirt track at Churchill Downs in Louisville KY), The Preakness Stakes (1 3/16th mile dirt track held at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, MD) & the Belmont Stakes (1 1/2 miles held at Belmont Park in Elmont, NY – Longest dirt track race).

    Cutting Horses have their own Triple Crown made up of the NCHA Futurity (December – first ever show, their 3 year old year), The Super Stakes (April as a 4 year old) & Summer Spectacular Derby (July/August) all held at Will Rogers Coliseum in Ft. Worth, TX.

    Arabian’s generally have one less vertebrae and one less rib pair than other horses.

    To truly be considered a “Black” horse, the horse must contain NO white on it.

    The Truth About Gossiping

    Gossiping Sucks!

    That’s all.

    I’ll leave you with Horsie kisses.  (yes, I said Horsie)

    unfortunately my arm wasn’t long enough to get all of Blondie’s head 🙁

    Happy Halloween Eve 🙂   

    **Btw, I follow my blog in google reader just to see if it shows up with every post and for some reason it always doesn’t.  Yesterday was one of those instances, so if you’d like to read a few tricks I’ve learned throughout my years of blogging, be sure to check out yesterday’s post!!!**

    In Honor Of…..

    Have you ever heard of The Trail of Painted Ponies?

    They are statue horses that people collect that artists have representing anything under the sun it seems like.  Ok maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not by far!

    As you know yesterday, July 27th, 2012 was the opening Ceremonies of the Summer Olympics held in London this time around.

    I received an email from Painted Ponies with their Go for the Gold Series.  I think I’m in love!

    Gold Rush

    Spirit of Freedom

    Standing on Guard

    Big Ben

    Seriously, how cool are these dudes.  And if you don’t think so… well you’re entitled to your own opinion, but I’m going to keep thinking, THEY’RE AWESOME!

    I can’t say I’m huge on the Olympics, but go World 🙂 haha.  Happy Saturday.  Btw, It’s Jilly’s birthday.  Go tell her happy (shhhhh REAL**) 29th Birthday.  Jill tell me how it is, I’m right behind you!

    **explanation (real means it’s true, not real means you know no one seems to get older than 29)

    Snookums Peace Offering – take 2

    On Easter Sunday after lunch, I got into watching You Again while dad & Tbug went out to ride horses.  Then Hubby got up and walked outside himself.  Toward the end of the movie Hubs calls me and says, You should bring your camera and come out there.

    I took my sweet time and grumbled and groaned a little bit… yeah I’m cool like that, but I went out to see this.

    I guess hubby had been working for about 30 minutes to be able to get her to eat out of the bucket and let you pet her.  Remember, I got a head start feeding her out of my hand a couple weeks before :).  And then my dad had been working on getting her to eat horse treats.  So this obviously was the next step!

    After I snapped a few photos Tbug was itchin to go back to riding so she jumped out of the pen and I crawled in.  After all my hard work, I wanted in on this!

    With my right hand I could quietly get up to her ear… She wasn’t real sure about me, but she’d sort of allow it.

    Then we’d have to kiss and make up…

    And I’d have to coax her into eating out of the bucket again…

    She wasn’t real crazy about my left hand touching her though…. I’m not sure why.

    She’d let me, but she wouldn’t let me touch her ear like I could with my right hand.

    And you can tell she’s getting a little annoyed here.

    So I backed off and tried to kiss and make up again.

    And she snorted/snotted at me here….

    And I let her get a few more bites before she decided she was done with me.

    So hubby came and started in a little more.

    But, she kept coming back to me.  Oh yeah, she’s my girl!

    But then I lost out to the feed, once again…

    I think she started running out of feed around this point, because not long after this….

    Oh how did that get in there?  I’m sorry!

    She was done with us.

    Although she’s a very funny, prissy horse.  She doesn’t like to get her feet dirty if at all possible.

    And she let us know real fast we needed to get out of her pen.  So we crawled out of the fence.  I’d say my hubby looks pretty happy with his afternoon of work!

    Great job honey on working with MY horsey!

    Btw, I still haven’t seen that movie all the way through… I’m just sayin…

    Peace Offering

    As with any baby, you have to wean them off momma eventually… that case goes for humans and animals a like.  If you remember last July we had a filly {female baby horse} born at our house.

    Well it was finally time to wean Snookums off her momma and let me tell you, she hasn’t been the happiest about it.  Momma is still running in the pasture with a few of the other horses and Snookums went into the open stall we had in the horse barn and most days, she wants nothing to do with anyone.

    Last weekend though, I went out and while I was snapping a few photos of her, she was very curious as to what I was doing.

    “What is that black thing in your hand?”

    “No, maybe I don’t want anything to do with you though…”

    “Why do you keep pointing that at me, seriously?”

    It was starting to get really dark out there while I was playing with her.

    And I when I would squat down on the ground and stick my hand through the fence she’d get very curious as to what I was doing, but then Marlie or Audrey would tackle me and she’d want nothing to do with me again.

    Finally Marlie calmed down and was trying to “talk” to her.

    Whatcha doin?

    She sort of acted like Marlie might be ok, but then Marlie would run off and it would spook her back to the other side of the fence.

    So I’d sit there for a few minutes trying to build her trust back up so she’d come see me again.

    She just wasn’t real sure she wanted much to do with me though.

    So I ran into the barn and grabbed a “peace” offering.  She hasn’t eaten feed out of anyone’s hand since she was a couple months old, so I thought what the heck, I’ll try it.

    I sat there with my hand stuck out like that for a while before she’d even come close to me.

    But she couldn’t resist her curious side I guess, she finally started getting closer.

    And just about the time I’d think she’d eat something from my hand, she’d bow her head and back off a bit.

    We went like this for quite a while, but if you know anything about horses, patience is key.

    Unfortunately this isn’t a sweet feed, it’s pellets so it doesn’t have that real alluring smell of molasses on it, so I just had to be patient.

    I finally got her close enough to want to smell it.

    And it is the same feed she always eats so she knows the smell of it, but my hand doesn’t smell like her feeder.  Plus she’s at my parents house so she isn’t around me a lot either, I’m sure that had something to do with it.

    After about 30 minutes of messing with her, I finally got her to eat out of my hand.

    Then I so slyly tried to pet her nose but she was gone again.  Maybe next time 🙂

    Keys to a Happy Life

    Practice a New Sport

    Accept new Challenges

    Dare to be different

    Freshen up your ideas

    Take care of your looks

    Learn a new language

    Forget your troubles

    Make peace with life & people

    Love like you mean it

    Enjoy Nature

    Make new friends

    Learn new things


    Update your wardrobe

    Listen to your elders

    Laugh a lot & above all smile at life

    Sing from the heart

    Kiss like you mean it

    Take a bubble bath

    Be curious & show initiative
    Joke with your Friends

    Live with strong emotions

    Send emails to friends

    Relax & enjoy yourself after a hard days work


    Isn’t it odd how while you’re sleeping, your subconscious takes over and you tend to dream weird dreams, scary dreams, odd dreams, etc.  In A&P 2 we’re getting ready to study the brain.  Wednesday night one of the guys asked the teacher a bunch of questions and the professor said he honestly didn’t know because the brain is still such a mystery.

    So I went home, ate dinner and went to bed never giving it much of a thought.  I woke up yesterday morning though to a very unusual dream that seemed like it was real until I heard that annoying alarm start going off to wake up and get out of bed.

    My husband and I were getting ready to go somewhere and we told Tbug to go get dressed.  {Don’t worry, she wasn’t running around naked or anything, probably either had to change her clothes or was in PJ’s.  That part of my dream is still a bit hazy.}  She went back to her room {although it really didn’t feel like we were in our house, I’m not sure where we were} and emerged out a few minutes later with make-up on.  Now she wears make-up for cheerleading so she knows where this goes and where that goes, but she came out with streaks of eye shadow on her cheeks and lip gloss on her eye lids. {Completely messed up and mixed up}  So I took her back to her room, used some make-up remover and agreed to put some neutral colors on her.  So I proceeded to put make up on her when she took the brush from my hand, dipped it in the lipgloss and stuck it in her mouth.  I looked at her and asked her what ever was she doing.  Her response, “It tastes good.”

    I told hubby about my dream while I getting dressed for work and he laughed at me.  Then told me if I ever thought my dream would come true, give him some advanced notice so he could video tape it for America’s Funniest Home Videos 🙂

    Happy Friday!