Bonnie Butter Cake

Let’s jump back in time a few weeks, back to our cake decorating day. When I got to Deb’s house, I had already made my chocolate cake I used to decorate, but Deb whipped out a Red velvet cake real quick from a newspaper clipping she had. When Kristi got there, we debated what type to make her so we quickly grabbed Deb’s 1970’s version of Betty Crocker’s Cookbook and had her flip through the different cakes.


Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes

I’ve been trying all morning to get a picture uploaded and it won’t upload. It really isn’t of much other than the fact my iPhone is obsessed with where my vehicle is parked. Every morning and even multiple times per day my phone gives me a message that it knows where my vehicle is and it’s marked. I giggle every time. I can’t help myself. That has nothing to do with today’s post other than it is a funny, random, daily fact.


Mad Dog Spicy Tomato Pork Chops

I’m not sure how my dad came up with this recipe… maybe surfing the web, maybe through an email, I really don’t know… but one day this week he started reading off a list of ingredients to me asking if we had them. We had everything but pork chops and green onions.

He thought about it and walked off. Later he came back to the recipe and verified the ingredients we didn’t have. I asked if I needed to run to town to grab those ingredients. He said, I can, and then went back outside.


Buncha Crunch® Oatmeal Cookies

If there’s one candy bar I really like, it’s a Nestle Crunch. Back before Christmas I was walking through Walmart when I stumbled across Buncha Crunch® cooking bits. What? Nestle Crunch ready to be put in cookies? I’m sold! I grabbed a bag, then brought them home and threw them in the freezer. I didn’t want cookies right then, but wanted the baking bits ready to go when I wanted them. That’s just the way I roll.


3-Ingredient "Diet" Icing

Yesterday hopefully I changed your life with a “diet” cake. Seriously… a cake mix and a diet coke. That can’t be real bad. A few sugars/carbs scattered throughout all the pieces of cake so it’s not even one slice. Just think of that.

But I mentioned that when I heard about that, I wasn’t sure how to ice that baby so we made full-fledged sugar icing. Still better because of the cake but……..

The other day I was searching the internet. I have no idea how I came upon this recipe, but it changed my life for the better. And seriously, you could eat it just plain, I’m telling you.

Ingredients: Milk (I chose skim, but you can do unsweetened almond milk and remove even more sugars although the skim milk doesn’t have many sugars at all…..), Sugar free coolwhip, and sugar free pudding mix (I went with cheesecake so this stuff tasted just like cream cheese icing, only better).

Then you’ll need a bowl to mix in, a whisk, and a spatula (if you pronounce like Paula Deen, Spatuler)


Chocolate Cake – 2 Ingredients!

You just never know what we’ll be doing on Wednesdays. I typically spend my Wednesday’s at the Extreme Sports Scuba dive shop. Today happens to be Wednesday so you know where I am, right? Well what am I doing you may ask?

  • I wrote a blog post about a SCUBAPRO Nova 720 Flashlight with as many puns as I could about flashlights, ✓.
  • I ate lunch, ✓.
  • Oh and I made a diabetic friendly cake with icing, ✓.

Wait, what?

Are you confused? Don’t be, I’ll explain. A few years ago, like 10, someone told me about a cake to try. I laughed when they told me what the cake consisted of… A Chocolate Cake mix and a can of diet coke.


Mashed Potatoes (Confession time)

I’m really not sure I should comment that when it comes to the easy stuff, I don’t always know how to make it. I know I’ve confessed this before… but that’s just how it is. If someone was making when I was younger, they didn’t teach me how. It happens sometimes. So what is my newest easy food to make addition? Mashed Potatoes. Sad but true.

Up until last year, I never really made mashed potatoes. I’ve been married 6 1/2 years roughly. Really prior to last year we never really made mashed potatoes and when we did… I didn’t make them. I might cut them up and put them in the water to boil, but that was the extent of my helping with mashed potatoes. Sad but true.