Have a Snickers

So I’m going through the multiple photos I took of baby girls birthday… trying to keep myself together that I have a 1 year old! I plan on writing a post about it… and maybe, just maybe I won’t cry while writing it… but today… today let’s talk about Snickers. Yes as in the candy bars…

During Memorial Weekend this became our slogan and it just stuck…

One of the mornings I hopped out of the truck after annoying hubby by pointing out that his mirrors were going to bump into Grady’s mirrors. He grumbled at me and I told him fine leave it that way. Dan asked me how I was and I said that someone was grumpy and it wasn’t me. Dan asked if he needed a hug and I said he needed something alright.


Hello Yum!

Some friends of ours that we dive with own this little fast food restaurant. It must be stated it’s the Original and they only own this one… it’s not the same as some of the other’s that are around the area.
And every once in a while we just have to have Gringos.

Their tacos are out of this world YUM! I prefer a crunchy taco. They fry their own taco shells. That right there makes it all worth it.



If you’ve never ridden in a vehicle with me, I’d highly advise that you not… Why you ask? It’s not because I’m a terrible driver… anyway I don’t think I am… No it’s because somewhere along the way I pissed off the traffic light gods and so I pretty well hit every stoplight on my way ANYWHERE.

Some days I catch a break but typically I’m stuck at every red light from my starting point to my destination. It’s kind of become a very comical thing.

On my way to and from school I go through 5 stoplights. 9 times out of 10 I’ll hit all 5 lights on red both directions. It’s that bad.

One night I was taking Tbug home to her mom’s and we were running a bit late. I told her to start praying to the light gods that they be nice to me.

Now one time I told her about the “light gods” and she informed me that there is only one God and I told her yes I know this but somewhere I’ve upset someone because I hit every red light. Then I proceeded to hit every red light that particular night. Now the night I told her to start telling the light gods to be nice, I hit 1 out of 10. See that was my off night. We were already running late so luckily I only hit that one. whew. Then I had to go meet hubby and I hit everyone on my way to meet him. I just started laughing.

So whatever I did, it’s just become a comical thing between me and everyone and no one wants me to drive or to ride with them. I can be asleep in the backseat and we’ll hit every red light. I’m not sure what I did.

The other day… we were driving and what do you know, the light turned red. I started giggling and then something caught my attention on the road. We were the first ones to pull up to the stop and there was a screw driver on the ground. The vehicle beside me pulled up so I knew I wouldn’t get run over, then I jumped out and grabbed the screw driver.

And that is how the “light gods” found me a screw driver. Had we not been stuck at the red light, I wouldn’t have ventured out to get it. And I’m sure the guy next to me thought I was nuts.

I should mention I knew I had enough time to get out and get it, especially because it was right below my door.

Some days life gives you lemons and some days life gives you a screwdriver

(haha play on words, it’s an alcoholic drink but I have absolutely NO idea what is in it. I’ve never had one nor have I seen one made….)

Looking Back

Have you ever used the app Timehop? No one is telling me to tell you about this… I just am because… It’s a lot of fun to look back and see everything you’ve been through. I have mine hooked up with my Instagram account, Twitter account and Facebook account. Now there are parts of my life it reminds me of that are less than steller (like the excoworker talking about my boobs in a picture.. don’t ask) but for the most part it’s a great reminder of the past. So here was my June 9 for the past few years…

The weather 1 Year ago was 70˚F and it was a Monday.

Abug baby loves cheeseburgers!! #junebaby

So I spent a lot of time pinning stuff last year, mainly for maternity photoshoots. I was soooooo into them and yet I didn’t get much of one because of problems in the hayfield :(. Oh well. I’m over it!
So if you want to see all the maternity shots I pinned, go here and here.