Brag on Hubby Session: 1st & 2nd Stage Certifications

So I made the comment that hubby was out of town last week and I gained new respect for single parents. Boy oh boy did I!  Anyway, what was hubby up to you might ask? And maybe you didn’t, but I’m sharing anyway because I get to brag on my husband!

Hubby got the opportunity to take classes to become a certified ScubaPro Technician to work on first and second stage regulators. When it was offered to him, he jumped at the opportunity!

He and our friend Rachele made the trek to Kansas City Monday night for a product line demonstration, then stayed for Tuesday and Wednesday for the seminar classes. Rachele had to leave early though because she’s graduating nursing school (Go Rachele!!!) and won a prestigious award that was being presented to her at a banquet on Wednesday evening.

René Dupré and Scott Dawson came in to do the seminar.

And you know, if there’s food they will come.
Tuesday’s meal consisted of Lasagna, Baked Chicken, Salad & Cheesecake for dessert.


Wordless Wednesday

So what do you do when the baby refuses to take a nap? You nap with her. btw, one of the guys came into the store today, saw my feet up there (from below) and asked if they really belonged to a person or if Grady was trying to play a joke on people. Now excuse me while I nap with the baby. Hey it works, even if after 2 hours I could barely walk (no blood in my feet….)

April 6th on the Dot

I almost got to title it April 7th on the Dot which I did back in 2013, but nope, he didn’t hang on for that….

What am I talking about?

We had our last baby of the spring born yesterday!! Woot Woot! I woke up to a text from my dad of the newest baby.

This baby is a full brother to the baby born in 2013 that was born April 7th. That is also the baby who put a T-post through his chest and we finally sold a few weeks ago. We were done with his crazy butt! Hubby was a bit sad because it was our first baby but I was actually jumping for joy because he was CRAZY and I didn’t want him hurting any of us!

Baby girl didn’t get to be in the stall with this one once they were moved in the barn because Sis is a little more protective of her baby. We have 3 mares who had babies this year and they all 3 have different temperaments. Blondie is laid back and easy going, Freckles was right there but allowed us to go in with her. Sis is extremely protective. In fact I didn’t even get in the stall with her. I did snap some quick pics through the stall though even though she wasn’t real sure she was okay with that. Then I had to run off to school.


365 – March – Photos 182-212

182/365 – Baby snuggles, they’re the best, especially on a snow day! btw, I’m halfway through… 182.5 is halfway… well I’m at 182 and there is no half a picture!

183/365 – Bring on “Writing for the Profession” I’m ready for you.

184/365 – I may have taken my Christmas tree down, but the mistletoe is still up and has been since Christmas 2010. Hey we like kisses at our house 🙂 Don’t judge! There are 4 bunches up (used to be 5 but one got taken down 🙁 )

185/365 – He looks like he’s in the command center… lol 🙁 I’ve been sick today so I’m going back to bed. Night all!