Project 365 – January – Photos 123-153

So I feel so out of the “popular” group. Why? and what does that have to do with my 365 project? Well, the reason is most everyone is starting this on January 1. I started mine September 1st. I didn’t want to wait at the point I decided I was going to do this. And……. so I started. At the end of this month I am now at —- out of 365 days of this project. I’m having fun! There are days I’ve almost forgotten to take any picture which is sad, but it eventually works itself out because I snap a real quick one if nothing else and BAM! (Thanks Emeril) I’m moving on!

123/365 – Would you guess that these were actually Oreo Cookies?

124/365 – Tbug got the boots she wanted for her birthday. Happy Birthday Tbug!!

125/365 – Picture for today… potatoes for loaded potato soup, sure why not.