The Star of the Show

So this year we weren’t able to make it down to Southern Oklahoma where my aunt and uncle lives to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. I think we were all sad, but sometimes life gets in the way for everyone and you have to do with what you can. So hubby and I decided to do dinner at our house Thursday night with my parents and his parents, that way we could go to his dad’s that day to see his family.

A couple years ago you may remember that we did the Bacon Wrapped Turkey… YUM!

Circa 2012

We discussed how to cook the turkey this year. One thing that was proposed by hubby was just to buy a Turkey Breast and do that, but then my mom said that they had a turkey already and suggested smoking it.

Not going to lie, I kind of had my heart set on the Bacon Wrapped Turkey again, so I asked/suggested doing a Bacon Wrapped Smoked Turkey. Hubby said we could probably handle that. Now a few years ago we did a dry brine on the turkey but this year he decided to do a wet brine.

Our brine consisted of:
Dissolving 1 cup Kosher Salt in 3 cups of water.
Then we used a quart bottle of Cabela’s Marinade (that is no longer made but hubby bought a whole bunch of….), about 15-20 cloves of Garlic, 1 serving Mandarin Oranges and juices, 1 serving peaches and juices, about 2 tbsp Rosemary, about 2 tbsp Black Pepper Corns and 1 cup of Sugar.


365 – Midmonth photos 62-76

I felt like this month breaking the 365 project up just a bit so you aren’t totally bombarded with photos at the end of the month, so here’s 1-15 also known as 62-76.

62/365 – Having our “chili” at the Chili Cookoff for the Newton County Firefighters Christmas for Kids tonight. Btw, my big sissy won!!

63/365 – Another victory for the Chiefs today with a score of 24/10 against the New York Jets. And Tbug got to experience her first game with a win!


Wordless Wednesday

Okay maybe a few words… This last weekend was the start of Deer season in Missouri. There was youth season 2 weeks before but this was the official Deer Season. Tbug was with us and has wanted to go hunting with her daddy. Now she needs to go through Hunter Safety before she’s allowed to hold a gun but she got up early Saturday morning and went out to the deer stand with her daddy to see if she’d even be interested in going through the Hunter Safety classes. They saw 2 deer but it might have been the same deer. Daddy says she wouldn’t quit talking through and it wasn’t a very big buck. Then grandpa’s cows came and scared away any other chances they might have had. She still seems interested though… next up… Hunter Safety.

We Thank You!

Whether you believe in war or not. Whether you believe in something or you don’t… there are those who have served this country for your right to your thoughts/beliefs/feelings. Today is the day to honor those people. So Thank you!

Yesterday my grandma named all those in my family who have served. I had a great great great grandfather in the Revolutionary War, a great great grandpa in the Civil War (the reason that part of my family wound up in this part of the country), a great grandpa who fought in World War I, both of my grandfathers fought in World War II, a great uncle who fought in the Korean War and my husband who served in Afghanistan.

This Weekend

Wow, this was an uneventful weekend really… Wanna know what I did? You better sit down because this will blow your mind… I worked on homework. There I said it… Is your mind blown by all that excitement. Here is what I worked on even…

This was/is for my Document Design class and is due by 11:59pm tonight. I’m not quite done but almost…. I’m getting there anyway!

I also worked on a photo shoot. It was a lot of fun and the family was GREAT to work with. Now I need to get editing on their photos.

Um… yeah… that’s about all I have… hope you enjoy my video :). Oh and hubby was voted in to the Missouri Governor’s Mounted Guard this weekend. Happy Monday!