Halloween Costume Reveal | Blogtober ’14

The story. So obviously this isn’t my costume, I’m not 0-6 months old :). So a year ago October Tbug and I were walking through the store trying to find hubby when we veered off looking at the Halloween costumes. I should add he found us because we got distracted :). So I saw this costume and fell in love. I even said something to Tbug and then took a picture. I wasn’t pregnant at the time or didn’t know I was anyway. About a week later was when we found out I was… odd right? Then when I found out I was like dang I wish I would have bought that but at the same time, I just found out so… definitely didn’t know if I was having a boy or a girl. After we found out in January then I was like, dang it why did I buy this. Well they just so happened to have it this year! Yey! So we bought it back in like August or whenever the Halloween costumes came out into stores because I knew that’s what I wanted this beautiful baby girl to be 🙂

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The Pumpkin Patch Excursion

I must admit that Halloween never really has been exciting for me, and maybe that’s because I grew up in the country so we didn’t really trick-or-treat, just family and that was it. But this year I had it in my head I wanted to go to a Pumpkin Patch and I didn’t quit until we did… lol. My Mother-in-Law, Mom & Dad, Hubby, Tbug, Baby Girl and I went.

I don’t think this was Tbug’s first time, but whatever, it was her first time to go to one with us 🙂


Facts About You | Blogtober ’14

Oh goodness, what haven’t I told you the many many times it feels like I’ve shared facts about myself…

How about instead of listing facts about myself, I list posts containing facts about me…

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Your KC Chiefs Recap Post!

This last Sunday hubby, baby girl and I were able to attend the Kansas City Chiefs game versus the St. Louis Rams. OMG what a game! Definitely worth going to that’s for sure… not just because the Chiefs won, #winner but it was one heck of a game!

So the game started at noon which meant we had to be there in time for the gates to open, duh :). Tailgating is a big thing, however I want to state that we’re not drinkers so if you want to see drunk pictures you’re not at the right blog for that. Gates started opening either at 7:30 or 8am… I can’t remember as I was up at 4am trying to get around so we’d be ready to catch our ride. To say I was tired would be a bit of an understatement but it’s all good!

We went with Breakfast Burritos for the tailgating food. We had Bacon, Sausage, Plain eggs, Eggs with onions and green chilies, Black Olives, Salsa, Cheese, Tortillas, and Blueberry Muffins! Holy yum!

Now as you know the KC Royals are fighting for the World Series title currently (tonight is the last game, Go Royals!).


Most Embarrassing Moment | Blogtober ’14

Sometimes I live my life as an embarrassing moment :). I swear I’ve done more stupid things it feels like… So the most recent one that I keep getting harassed about is I was at our local dive shop recently (well a year ago now probably) and the last lady left. It was an abrupt leaving with no warning or anything that she was quitting. She also took a lot of things with her, one being a fish bowl that they used to take collections up in for dive club meetings. So the following Friday I made the comment to Earl that since the other lady whoever she was took that, I volunteered her last night to make a new one. Sadly though… this lady’s husband still works out of the other business in there and well… I don’t know who he is and I said it in front of him. Dang it!

Open Mouth, insert foot!

Helene in Between

A Letter to your Younger Self | Blogtober ’14

Dear younger Nicole,

Let me start off by saying that life hasn’t exactly gone the way you planned but it’s definitely GREAT! The ride to get here has been quite interesting with some bumps in the road, but still, it has made you stronger. Don’t get discouraged. Oh and at one point you made the comment you needed to get a PhD… yeah scratch that. We’re doing good to get the Masters and I think we’re done. Ask me in a few years how I still feel about that though :). Baby girl says hi although you weren’t ever sure you wanted kids, she’s pretty darn great!! There are some things as an adult that looking back now I wish I would have done differently such as gotten my head out of my butt and went to Oklahoma State or dumped the stupid boy but still, if I had done those things differently then I might not be where I am today… married to my best friend, which always sounds so cliché. And don’t get me wrong, there are days we get under each other’s skin but it’s totally worth it. So, just know that that boy finally gets his head out of his rear and asks you out again, it only took him 10 years to do so… whatever. You both had to go make your name in the world and actually write your name in the world. His is written on a wall in Afghanistan and yours was written in the sand in Costa Rica. Life has a way of surprising you so just hold on and know that even now it surprises the heck out of you!

Old Lady Nicole 🙂

Helene in Between

Blog Tour: My Writing Process

So I’ve seen this blog tour going around and I sooooooo wanted to be a part of it, but was afraid I might not get the chance. Then low and behold… last week I got an email from Kenzie over at Chasing my Extraordinary

and she asked if I wanted to be a part of it! OMG seriously, of course I’d love to!!!! Kenzie found my little ole blog what seems like a years ago and we’ve seriously become very good friends (or so I think :)). We’re constantly emailing each other, texting and snap chatting. We have lots in common between our love of horses, our significant others (my husband her fiancé) and kids! That’s one good thing blogs bring to people, friendship with people they may not have met otherwise!

What am I working on?
Does losing my mind count :). No currently for the el Bloggo here I’m working on finishing up Blogtober that is hosted by Helene and Tay. I also have a bunch of prompts that I found here while back that when I get into a writing slump I jump to. I’m in a Document Design class and constantly learning more and more about design and hoping to fix some things that weren’t jiving just right for my blog and me so if you’ve been noticing changes, that’s why. Otherwise I also blog about life as I know it.


Favorite instagram editing apps/ or editing tools for your blog | Blogtober ’14

When it comes to editing my photos…

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Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are my go to but sometimes I go to picmonkey.com or ribbet.com depending on what I want to do and what will work best for me.

I’m getting better at Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, it surprises me so much. Especially when the other day at school I actually made my project in PSE.

I surprise myself sometimes :). ha! I got a 93/100 on this assignment. I agree with all the criticism too.

So when I’m on my phone and want to edit a photo… I use one app… That’s Camera+. Now I really like Square ready to make the Instagram ready if I’m uploading photos like my 365 project. I also like the ABM app. And since I’m doing a 365 project, Collect helps keep me on track to remember to take my photos, plus it helps keep them in a calendar.

So there you have it :). What apps am I missing out on??

Helene in Between