Girls Lunch Out

Earlier today my mom answered a text message I sent her and asked if Peanut and I wanted to have lunch with her. Now obviously I’m the only one who could actually eat with her, but Peanut can have a bottle, right?

I had to run a scholarship application back in to the church so when I left the church mom called and asked where I wanted to go. I told her I didn’t care and she suggested we go eat at the Precious Moments restaurant. I said sure. Now a lot of people have heard of Sam Butcher’s Precious Moments figurines and if you haven’t, they are these awesome figurines that Sam Butcher created. Did you know he’s located in Carthage, MO? Kind of cool information I guess :).

When you enter Precious Moments they have free chapel tours. We walked through to the restaurant/café (whatever I should call it) though because we were hungry. The figurine with the girl and the goose is what started the whole thing. I actually have that figurine. When I was a baby my room was done in Precious Moments wallpaper.


One Year Ago… Part X – Repost

Today is Hubby and my 5 year date-i-versary. 5 years ago today we went on our very first date. I’m reposting the story about our first date from our story I wrote out back in 2010. This was originally posted on July 5, 2010. Please be sure to check out our story if you want to know what lead up to this and what happened after!!
As per usual, when something you are excited about and looking forward to is coming up, something inevitably always goes wrong. So you must be wondering what went wrong this time… I got a silly summer cold. Yup, you read that right, I got a summer cold the week of dinner club, the week of hanging out with this long lost friend. I’m not one who usually goes to the doctor when I’m sick. I usually just let it run its course and proceed on. I’ll sometimes take over the counter meds just so I’m not completely suffering but I usually just tough it out. Not this time. I didn’t want to cancel. I didn’t want to wait for my next chance to meet up with him. He lived in Kentucky, I mean seriously, how many chances would I get or how often??

So I did what any normal girl would do, I found my old high school year books and looked up his picture. I had to remember what he looked like! Yup, check, he looks like what I remembered from way back when… oh wait, those were from way back when. Well you get the picture, right? 🙂

The day before “the big day” he was able to take a vacation day and come home a little earlier than normal. He got in around 7pm. We talked and texted the whole way (I sure hope he wasn’t texting while driving!!!). I didn’t realize he was going to be in so early so I went over to the J’s house to hang out and help Josh bake a cake. We were texting all through this. He was sending me pictures of shirts he had and pictures of him in a cowboy hat and all kinds of pictures. I think I sent him pictures of the cake I baked.

So the day came, July 25th. I woke up that morning and did the normal morning ritual of going to town with my mom. I’m not really sure we set out on a mission that day but we headed that direction non-the-less. While in town, of course I was watching the time. I had to get home, get my hair fixed, make-up on, and dressed before 4pm. That’s when we had to leave to go to dinner. I volunteered to drive because he left his convertible top down all night and wouldn’t you know, it rained.

While in town I looked at my mom and said, “We should go visit Dotti.” Dotti is the Elizabeth Arden make-up rep at Macy’s. She always loves giving me a make-over and I figured, hmmm… maybe we’d be lucky and she wouldn’t be busy. Dotti hooked me up! I had beautiful make-up! Then we ran home and my mom decided to fix my hair for me. I then got dressed and I was ready to go.

As I pulled out the driveway though, I began to have second thoughts. I was so nervous at one point I almost ran off the road. Bad Nicole, don’t drive on auto pilot. He gave me directions, drive all the way down Cedar. When the road comes to a T take a left. Go about 2 miles. When you start hitting the curves turn on the road to the left. You’ll see a triple wide on the corner, that’s my sisters. My mom’s driveway is the next one on the left. You’ll see the Big shop, make sure and turn there.

I was so nervous I was about to turn around and go home every chance I got. I so almost picked up the phone and canceled 4 times. I mean seriously, what if he didn’t like me. What if I wasn’t the girl he remembered. What if there was something wrong with me or I was too over dressed or I wasn’t dressed up enough or I think you get the picture. Once I came to the T in the road left took me closer to his house, right took me to the highway.

I sat at the stop sign for what seemed like a year and turned my left turn signal on. 2 more turns to go and I’m there. Then all the scary thoughts popped back into my head.

(on a side note, these memories are making my knees weak and shaky just like that day)


Things that make you go hmmmm (hubby titled it!)

One of my favorite shows to watch lately has been Family Fued, but only the one where Steve Harvey is the host. Anyway tonight I was watching. Once a family hits 300+ points, then that family sends up 2 people who get asked the same 5 questions and they have to hit 200 points to win $20,000. One of the questions they were asked in the 5 question round was, how much on a scale of 1-10 do you want your kids to be like you? The first gal said 7 which got like 19 points. The other gal said 10 which got like 2 points or something like that. Then Steve Harvey reveals the number 1 answer. The number 1 answer… 1.

That struck me as odd… Seriously, people only want their children to be like them as a 1 out of 10. So hubby and I discussed that. He said people are a lot like me (which obviously made me roll my eyes), he said that people focus on the bad about themselves versus the good. Hmmm… okay so maybe he has a point, more than just the tip of his nose.

I guess only seeing the bad in themselves could make a person say they didn’t want their kids to be like them. So then hubby said that he knows he’s done a lot of stuff in his life that he wishes his kids would never do, however, he said, I’m a pretty smart feller and I would hope they get that from me. I have decent vision, hopefully she gets that from me. Now when it comes to hair, I kind of hope it’s a combination of yours and mine… basically the straight easy to manage from me and somewhere between my thickness and yours from us.