Spring Break Tuesday

Tuesday morning we got up and went downstairs for breakfast. Wow do you see a pattern? I actually took a picture of my breakfast this time. See, doesn’t that sandwich look GREAT? It was friggin awesome! Their orange juice was great too. Every day we stayed there I got seconds on the OJ. It was that good.

Check out time at the hotel wasn’t until noon but about 10:30 I was ready to do something. Especially since we stayed in the hotel all day the day before. We went ahead and checked out and then made our way to the Plaza. We had massage appointments at a place called Massage Envy. We got there early and they checked us in early. Hubby thoroughly enjoyed his. Mine, I had to lay on my side and I lost feeling in one arm and then when I rolled over, my shoulder went to sleep on the other side. :(. Bummer! The guy who gave me my massage told us about a restaurant to try at 47th and Broadway called Oklahoma Joe’s. It was a BBQ restaurant in a gas station. We got there around 1:15 and the place was packed, so we decided to find somewhere else to eat.

Earlier in the weekend when we went to Buy Buy Baby hubby saw KC Chiefs onesies that we should have bought then but didn’t so we made our way back there to get Peanut some Chiefs onesies.


St. Patty’s Day, Absolutely Nothing & Melting Pot

When I say we didn’t do much on this trip, I’m not joking. We woke up Monday morning, got up and headed downstairs for breakfast. Heck I didn’t even take my camera, but this is what I ate :). What’s really funny is this is a photo in the elevator and I kept looking at this telling hubby, that looks soooooo good!

Being St. Patty’s Day I shot Tbug a text and asked her if she was wearing green. She asked if I was and I shot her back a picture showing her I was. She was wearing camo.


Five Guys Burgers – Leawood, KS

Who doesn’t love a good, juicy, greasy hamburger? Well I guess there are some out there, but that would not be me. Sunday hubby and I slummed around for a while and finally decided to get up and get dressed. We had seen a baby store near by our hotel and we decided that we’d go check it out. On our way to Buy Buy Baby we passed a Five Guys burger. We’d been debating what to have for lunch and decided heck yeah, let’s do it.

Now Sunday morning up in Kansas City, it decided to snow. The roads were mostly clear, there was just a small layer on the car but still there weren’t many people out on the roads. I say this because I’ve never been to a Five Guys where it has been so empty. I partially wonder if it was because it was Sunday, partially because it was snowing and partially because it was around 11:45 when we got there… It didn’t matter though, it didn’t stop us.


Here and Now

Making : Multi-tasking between writing this blog post, working on homework, watching Friends and getting close to making dinner.
Cooking : I will be cooking Pioneer Woman’s Sour Cream Noodle Bake and Garlic toast
Drinking : Sweet Tea
Reading: Getting ready to Absalom Absalom by William Faulkner
Wanting: to have my homework done.
Looking: for mistakes on my homework.