Him & Her {Sappy Week Continues}

It must be the fact that today is Valentine’s Day or Wednesday was 4 years since my husband proposed to me or I’m not sure but I’ve been extremely sappy this week. Sorry! Maybe I’ll straighten up next week, but I wouldn’t totally count on it :).

Earlier this week I was reading Kenzie’s blog and then Emmy’s blog (she stole it from Kenzie, I know, she said so :)) and they did a him vs her post and so now like I told Kenzie earlier this week, I’m stealing this and doing my own. So our version of Him vs Her will now commence:

him: New Balance tennis shoes or my Ostrich Boots || her: Either my Macie Bean boots, my Ariat Fat Babies or my Sperry’s


Week 19

How far along? 19 weeks 6 days

Total weight gain/loss: I started refusing to look at the scale. I renamed all of them a$$hole 🙂

How big is baby? Baby is the size of a Mango. The website says that the baby is 6.0 inches long and 8.5 oz.


Week 18

How far along? 18 weeks 6 days

Total weight gain/loss: Well I go to the doctor this today so I dunno….

How big is baby? Baby is compared to a Sweet Potato this week. Baby is about 5.6 inches long and about 6.7 ounces and growing rapidly. 

  • Baby is yawning, hiccuping, sucking and swallowing
  • Baby is twisting, rolling, punching and kicking too. Big enough you might be able to feel it.