Fat Edd’s Roadhouse – Metropolis, IL

Just so we’re all clear, Today is Speak like a Pirate day. Don’t worry, this post won’t be written like that, although while I was writing this post I saw James Patterson’s new book Treasure Hunters on TV and he was attempting to talk like a Pirate :). Anyway 🙂

So while we were at Mermet Springs, after our first day of diving, it was time to head and get some grub. The gang had all been talking about this restaurant that they ate at and I was ready! We met and ate at Fat Edd’s.

The way Fat Edd’s is set up, you order your food at the counter, get a table to sit at, and then order your drinks at the table. Once they call your number, you retrieve your food from the counter.


Dairy Queen – Poplar Bluff, MO

On our trip down, we really weren’t sure where to stop for dinner.  We finally decided to grab a bite to eat at Dairy Queen in Poplar Bluff.  Hubby used to make a trip very similar to this a few times a month and said we definitely wanted to eat before we got past Poplar Bluff because there wasn’t anywhere else past there.

Zebra Girl and I both went for the Bacon Cheeseburger.  Sadly they got ours mixed up when they delivered the orders because she ordered hers without tomato, lettuce & onion and mine showed up that way.  I wasn’t even aware that it was on there… otherwise the burger itself was yummy!