American Bird

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When I was a little kid, I couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6 years old, my dad and I were driving down the road in his ’89 Red Chevy S-10.  We were driving out by the house I grew up in that my parents sold when I was around 10 or 11, that’s kind of how I get a rough idea of how old I was.  It was a cloudy day.  My dad and I looked out of the window of the truck and saw a Bald Eagle.  I had never seen an eagle in my life, and he said they weren’t all that common around here.  Unfortunately we didn’t have a camera with us and no one we told seemed to believe us, but we knew!

Jump forward 20something years and a few weeks ago my dad, husband and {step}daughter were riding horses through my grandparents property.  They came back telling me about the bald Eagle they’d seen (eating a dead animal but you really didn’t need to know that).  Not going to lie, I might have been a smidge jealous because I would have liked to have seen that :).  (Not the dead animal part, but the eagle part.)  A couple weeks later when the {step}daughter was over again, we went horse back riding again.  Unfortunately, no bald Eagle this time but Tbug sure pointed out where they saw the last one, multiple times.  I think she was bragging She wanted me to know where she saw it.

She wound up staying at my parents house that afternoon while we headed home to go study for a fun A&P test.  Yes they’re fun, didn’t you know that?  We got about two miles from the house down in the bottoms and hubs and I both looked out the window at the same time and caught a glimpse of a bird.  Upon closer examination, it was in fact a Bald Eagle.

I yelled at hubby to stop about the same time he decided to.  Luckily no one was following us :).  Oddly enough I actually had my long range lens on my camera from earlier in the morning so I pulled it out of the bag just in time for the bird to fly from the field on my side of the road over to hubbys side.  So I gave him the camera and he snapped away.

Unfortunately he she it was flying away from us most of the time so we didn’t get a clear, concise picture of it, but heck, this is better than when I was 5-6 🙂

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  1. They are beautiful creatures. Our area lake has a bald eagle nest & you can take the no wake up to were you can see it. We have actually got to see the eagle in the nest a few times. They are truly amazing!!!

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