Ice Cream Cake

On my birthday I so wanted an Ice Cream Cake for my birthday cake.  I got one too 🙂  My husband and my mommy love me!!  They actually bought mine from Dairy Queen, however I ran across this recipe for an Ice Cream Cake and you can bet your bottom dollar that I plan on making this someday 🙂

Ice Cream Cake
you’ll need:
25ish oreo cookies
1 stick of butter
1 jar of hot fudge
1 tub of ice cream (flavor of your choice) set out to soften
1 small or large tub of cool whip
chocolate syrup
mini m&ms, sprinkles or whatever you choose to decorate with


Alfredo Sauce Mishaps – Take Two

So, Alfredo Sauce Take Two… I’d love to flat out tell you this round went better, but maybe you should continue to read.  {Don’t know what I’m talking about… read the first mishap}

This time around we decided to make our own Ravioli.  I’ve seen Giada DeLaurentiis do this before, looked easy enough, right?

So first off decide what you want for your filling.  We chose Hamburger & Ricotta Cheese with a handful of Parmesan.  I needed the rest for my Alfredo Sauce so I skimped a little on the Parm…

So brown up the hamburger.

Once that is browned, dump it off in another bowl (or get another skillet, whatever) so it has a chance to cool.  Meanwhile start on making your Alfredo.  Now pour your 1 1/4 cups Chicken broth into the skillet.  This time pay attention,  make sure to grab the teaspoon and put 4 teaspoons of flour into the chicken broth.