One Year Ago… Part 30

Valentine’s Day was quickly approaching. I was sad to learn that PC really didn’t care much about Valentine’s Day because in the past he’d never really had a reason to celebrate although in college those few single ones I spent I referred to it as S.A.D day, Single’s Awareness Day. But from talking to him about V-day he was excited about it this year, he just couldn’t remember the date. I couldn’t help but poke a little fun at him because it never changes, always February 14.

A few weeks prior to this we’d been at the DAV store donating some items and while we were there we walked around and found a Philco Refrigerator. One of the old style fridge’s. We really liked it but the price on it was steep, they wanted $300. We passed. Well his dad went back a couple times and checked on it for us. Finally the week of V-day went over and offered them $75 for it. They accepted our offer and we took the deal. On Thursday night, the 11th, he and I headed to town to pick up the fridge. On our way home I was yakking away about how this was our Valentine’s Day present to each other. He wasn’t allowed to get me flowers, etc, and eventually the topic of marriage came up again.

-I so want to ask you to marry me, but I’m scared to death to ask your dad. I’m afraid to answer that question.
-I know. It’s no big deal. When you have an answer to that question you’ll answer him and then we’ll go from there. I’m not worried.
-I know but I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to answer that question.
-I’m NOT worried about it. When the time’s right it’ll happen.
-I know but How am I going to support his little girl, that even scares me right now.
-Hey I can take care of myself. That’s not why I would marry you. If that was the reason then I’d find some rich suga daddy and I don’t want that. I want YOU!
-I know but still…
-Anyway I really like our Valentine’s Day present. It’s the most unique one I’ve seen anyone get 🙂 And remember, NO flowers!


One Year Ago… Part 29

“Woof, woof.”
“Does someone hear a dog?”
“Woof, woof.”
“Nicole, get Morelli out of the house!”
“Mom I don’t see him. Morelli, Morelli.”

Eventually the game was over. Memaw said she would take Tbug home. PC was soon to follow. He planned on taking her home the next day. That night her mom and step-dad threw a party for her birthday and we were invited. We said we would be there.


Tbug had Cheerleading competitions every weekend starting the end of January until April that fell on our weekends to have her. Her mother suggested we trade weekends. So our next weekend to have her was the 9th, PC’s dad’s birthday. We had talked about at least taking her in to see his dad if not more when on Thursday we all found out his dad had been taken to the ER and admitted into the hospital on Wednesday night. When I got off work Thursday night I met PC and his sister at the hospital. I waited with them through their dad’s surgery to see what was wrong.


One Year Ago… Part 28

I truthfully believe they didn’t plan this right, his daughter’s birthday is 8 days after Christmas and although she has a very cool birthday (1/2/03) it sucks when you think she gets Christmas and her birthday all over at once. Throw personal property taxes and property taxes in there and you might as well just kiss yourself into the poor house!

Since his daughter stayed the night with his mom on Christmas Day, we made plans to head out first thing the day after to hit after Christmas sales. At least we were on a mission and knew what we wanted to get her, a camera she could call her own.

My Mustang does not, I repeat does not handle snow and ice, especially in my parents driveway where you go up hill both ways, literally. Prince Charming said we could take his truck, but I could see all the roadways and they were clear, as long as we could get out of my parents driveway we’d be in the clear. So we jumped in my car started down the hill gaining momentum so we could make it back up and it was a no go. As you might guess we started spinning. Grrrr I was mad so I backed down the hill and as far up the hill as I could to get another running start, gassed it and dang, no go. By this point I stopped, popped the truck, told PC I was getting in the trunk (for weight) and he was to drive it out. two more attempts and as he was backing down the hill for the third attempt he backed off into the yard and got stuck. By this point I was mad and throwing a temper tantrum that involved me saying, “I hate this stupid car. The damn thing is for sale as of right now!”


One Year Ago… Part 26

Once the tree was up, the next week we planned on decorating it. We went to the basement and brought up all the tree ornaments. Even acted like we were kissing under mistletoe when in fact, it was a tree limb. Hey you can have fun too right :). Who cares that we decorated on Monday night? The Monday night that was still in November. Heck we put the tree up in November, why not :).

Tuesday night was the Christmas parade. We headed to town to go watch his daughter with her cheerleading. She actually found us and ran up and gave us both a hug and then proceeded on down the path. Then her mother called and said his daughter wanted to see us so we trekked down the road to go meet up with them. She gave us both a hug and I swear my heart melted right there in the 40 degree weather. We told her we’d be over to pick her up Friday night and we left. It was kind of obvious she liked me and that meant a lot to me, especially because her daddy had dated another gal a few years prior and she didn’t care for her and told him so. I was still scared though with the thought she’d told her mother, “I don’t want a step-mother, they’re mean.”

Later that week we drug my Christmas tree up out of the basement and decorated it too. What can I say I like Christmas decorations and decorated houses and I had a helper :). We started going through the ornaments carefully because I wasn’t sure what we would find. The last time I had it out, the year before, I’d been dating someone else and I couldn’t remember what was put away. We also went through the ornaments and decided which we liked and which we didn’t and referred to this tree as Our Tree.