One Year Ago… Part VII

Him: It’s kind of funny a few weeks ago when I was home visiting I found some old pics of you and me and Taria in Florida!! What a time that was LOL

OMG I think my heart stopped!!!

Ok so I think I was way over reacting. So what if he found photos of us… he didn’t say he was swooning over them or anything like that. He said he found photos of us and that was a time. Well heck yeah it was a time, it was a great time. A fabulous time.So now remember where I told the part where I ordered an iPhone 3GS? Ok it now comes into play

Back to facebook talking:
me: I can’t figure this phone out… I got a new phone yesterday and it’ll allow me to read all inbox messages but yours… Weird!

Him: Weird are you using an iPhone?

me: I am now and it won’t hardly show me your responses. I just got this Monday though. I did have a Pantec Duo.

Him: LOL. Sorry for your troubles… LOL. are you using the facebook App or Safari Internet?

me: I was using the fb app. sounds like you know about iPhones… In that case does that mean you have one and if so… that would mean you were at&t right? I could be completely assuming all of this though… but if you have at&t and you had unlimited texting… that would be so much easier. I don’t think my iPhone wants us to talk… it lets me see everyone’s message they sned me through here… geez…

me: and if not, I guess I’ll use the dial up internet at the house… it’ll make my desktop feel loved. I bought a laptop last Thursday night and I can’t hardly stay off of it but it isn’t hooked up to the internet unless I’m at a friends house.

Him: my number is…… (sorry ladies, I’m not giving it out… haha)


One Year Ago… Part IV

So now we are up to Thursday of last year. I am on day 5 nights without sleep or very very little. I finally started passing out from exhaustion after midnight every night but for someone who loves sleep, this definitely wasn’t enough to get me through! We are to dress up 4 days a week at the office and I’m pretty sure by this point, as long as I found clothes to wear, I didn’t care. I made it to work and I wasn’t in my pj’s.

I talked to people all day long because of the constant question, “Boy you don’t look like you feel good. Are you ok?” That I swear is the dreaded question to hear!

Still can’t talk to that person on the phone, all that ends of it is yelling which leads to more sleepless nights. Text was the only possible method and you so can’t tell tone through a text message so it was bad!

To me, the world is ending or something. It’s a pretty hard feeling. Heck I dated this guy longer than a lot of marriages last… Think about that for a minute. It was almost as if we were getting a divorce however we weren’t married and we didn’t live together.

So leave it to me, in all of this, remember the iPhone I ordered. Ok so I also had a desktop PC that was really old. Well my friend Kalem had just bought a new laptop and I really liked it so what did I do… I used my non-sleep to my advantage. I started looking for laptops. Then, I found it. The laptop that was going to be mine. While I was at work that day I sent my mom an email and told her I found a laptop I was going to buy. (I was apparently in the mood to spend money!) She asked me to send her a link so she could look at it. I also sent it to Kalem, Jason & Josh (my techy friends) to look over and tell me what they thought. They said, for me and what I do with computers, it was GREAT and really beat my desktop. So right after work I called Best Buy in my town and wouldn’t you know, they didn’t have it. My mom got the idea, let’s look and see if some of the surrounding Best Buy’s had it. We wound up driving to Rogers, AR. (1 1/2 hrs away for a silly laptop, I know, right)

So now you are probably thinking, what in the world does any of that have to do with this story. Oh TRUST ME it has EVERYTHING to do with where this story is going, but again, I’m going to be mean and say…..

***To Be Continued***

One Year Ago… Part III

So thinking back to a year ago the next few days, get a little hazy because I was on day 2 of no sleep. Add in there the fact that the night before lead to a lot of “talking” through text messages if you want to call it that because I couldn’t speak to this person on the phone without one or the other of us yelling at each other.

So now we are at the Tuesday after Father’s Day and still no sleep and still beating myself up over all the turmoil. Then it really starts, I get emails from the sister. Oh Joy… Me, I ignored them. It was best that way. She was just stirring up more trouble than any of this was worth.

***Ok so the next bit of information, is a little off topic, but it is important to the rest of the story so I need to break in to inform you of some information!***

I mentioned yesterday that most of my friends had moved on with their lives. Well I eventually made new friends that I hung out with a lot. The best part about this was I’m a country girl and well, they weren’t… but we got along GREAT! They on the other hand were techy’s. And what do Techy’s have? Techy’s have iPhones! And what did I have? A Pantec Duo. I hated my phone with a passion. My mom’s phone line was coming due for an up-grade and I wanted more than anything to have an iPhone. And this just happened to be the summer they released the iPhone 3GS.So by the time mom’s phone line was due for an up-grade (which she let me have because she’s the best) we had to decide if I was going to go with the 3G or the 3GS. This was the day she was available for the upgrade, and go figure, since the 3GS had just been released earlier in the month, we were still having to order them. It wouldn’t be in until next week. NEXT WEEK, are you out of your mind… Ok fine so we ordered it and went home.

***So remember that was uncharacteristic of this story but I promise it plays importance!***

To Be Continued